Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Those were the best days of my life

I was really moved by this forward sent by my friend today. Even over the weekend when I had my colleagues come home they also happily shared the sweet old memories of college and school days.... When I was in school I used to think when I will grow older and go to college..and when I stepped into college I was thinking when I will sail across the 8 semesters and get into a job....but now I just want to rewind the life and get back to those sweet days..although this part of life also gives equal sweet memories... Those days with kiddish innocence and jolly days with friends in college are really unforgettable and Best days of my life......

I was not planning to post anything..but when I looked at this fwd ..I immediately felt like sharing it here and I am sure everybody will agree to the thoughts and feeling portrayed by the above picture........

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