Thursday, July 31, 2008

Celebration of Women

My manager posted our team a mail yesterday. The subject stated “Celebration of women” and the mail was sent only to female colleagues of my team. The body of the mail subjected an opportunity for us to write a small article that show-cased the beauty or the power of women. Since these days I let my thoughts flow in my blog, immediately I had an impulse within myself to carve up my pride as a woman.

Owing to less time I surfed through some of the surveys online to check how happy or proud a woman was about being a woman. There was one article titled “Hear us roar”. I was speechless at the title itself. The article began with a beautiful analogy between women and the lioness as follows:

Although the lion is often called the King of the Jungle, lion society is actually ruled by its females. Lionesses are the ones primarily responsible for providing sustenance for their entire pride. She is a natural leader.

Just 3 to 4 lines but my mind could map them with the current lifestyle of woman.
Those days, are no more when woman were meant just for household works or bestowed with the suit of sole helper or a kind of slave for men. Woman was completely dependant on man for all the needs. For the old generations that have always seen male gender as the one that is honored or endorsed to go to school, work, girls are still the ones meant to be caged inside the four walls of a house. I still hear my grand parents, mumbling that females are not meant for studying more or working at office and on and on. It was during the ancient generation that the woman was completely portrayed as sole caretaker and helper, who is not allowed or entitled for any freedom.

We are lucky today; women have come out of such barriers or inequalities and are now exploring the world and flying in beautiful colors in all the fields. Right from the base role of Mother up to a president, women have walked around various characters in the theater of life.

Having entered my professional life for quiet some period now, I feel contented for being so independent and able to manage myself well at home and office. It’s almost 4 years now since I have stepped out of my house and there was hardly any time I ever felt ok! This task cannot be done by a woman…and that I cannot do it on my own. As the famous adage says “Where there is a will there is a way”….It’s very true and Woman of today are so much daring and willing for any task. When I was with my parents I used to see my Dad or brother run around for all the work….Now the scene is different…..

Woman rock at all stages of life. They come into the world as beautiful little daughters’, to grow up to pretty girls, and then transform into Wife. Now a day before or even in parallel to the segment of Wife, women have established themselves as successful professionals in various fields. Then comes the most beautiful phase of life for women – yes she wears the armor of Mother and then aunt, grandmother so on.

Presently when I see my little sister and few friends playing the beautiful role of Mother, working in nice firm, being so independent and managing both their work in office and at home I am pleased. I feel so proud for being a woman.

To summarize as stated above “Woman is a natural leader”. When hunting, each lioness plays to her strengths. Woman adjusts her individual role in the hunt depending on the prey to ensure capture for the pride. She can adapt to suit the task at hand. Like a lioness nurses any cub, indiscriminate of whether that cub is her own Women are the one who will give with the greater good in mind and can adorn themselves with any armor at any time as required.

Certainly it is the right time for celebration of Woman and we women must definitely realize the significance of Woman power and empower them self more with all the freedom/female more they have now and sustain as the best creation of almighty ever.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Parks - Major recreational area

When I looked for the meaning of this word in English I got various meanings and I felt all were perfect and really reflected my understanding about parks, at various ages of my life. I can quote two of the familiar meaning for it, one the “Playground” and other the “Recreational area”.
If we go and ask a kid of 5th or 6th standard what does he/she understand by the word park , the output would be playground and yes that is what even I felt when I was in my school days….
But the same question if we pose to our parent or the elders these days or even youngsters the result would be recreational area. And yes I agree to the same now…
These days my life has become so monotonous that I wake up by 6 or 7 push myself to office by 8 and back home by 9 cook, eat and sleep… same procedure follows for the next 5 weekdays and the weekend is there again the monotonous procedure takes a different face of washing clothes, cleaning the house or hanging out the friends. Rarely I rest at home or divert my mind for different set of activities. Last weekend I tried to change it, in doing so I landed up going for walk in the evening in a park near my house…. I was there only for about 25 mins but yet I was fascinated by the beauty of nature, and also by the amount of tranquility it provided to my mind. Marvelous!
I saw different set of people in the park. To list out few here…
  • There were group of friends having a sort of get together
  • Young married couple with their baby, eating some fruits
  • Two kids playing with a throw ball
  • Young lovers
  • Young boys and gals jogging/walking
  • One boy and a gal, doing a combine study or preparing for some exam
  • Set of middle aged ladies having a chat
  • Some young guys eying the beautiful gals ;-)
  • One old man talking to his handicapped or mentally retarded grandson
  • Few people doing some exercise, few of them meditating and so on

And amongst all me taking a cool evening walk with nice music soothing my ears and my eyes noticing all the minute things possible…. When I saw so many people inning the parks I really felt it was a beautiful recreational area and it served its purpose very well…….. All the ones who were in the park enjoyed the beauty of the nature and also could feel some rest for their minds which is usually very tired over the weekdays…
There were few other set of people selling flowers, some snacks, and some play items for small kids etc outside the park.
It was past 25 mins since I started with my walk and it was the closing time of the park..I had to push out forcefully… As the synonym of park points to recreational area..I really felt it was so… I could see the reflection of the word recreation in each of the individual’s face inside the park…..

This wonderful beauty of nature really offers good relaxation, more healthy inputs that has attracted a good crowd these days towards park. It’s really astounding to see young people including small kids jogging in the park thinking about keeping their health intact, maintaining a healthy personality and so on…. which was not the case in past times where whenever the parents talk to the young generation regarding walk or exercise they used to crib and sit quiet at home….

I was very happy to spot many parks almost one in each lane in the beautiful Garden city and feel very thankful to the municipality who give a major hand in keeping them clean and maintain them.

Hope whoever reads this blog will realize the significance of parks and as another meaning of Park (stop for a while) indicates, if they take some time to park their mind in the Parks they can definitely feel the crux of my post.

At last to conclude with I feel that with the growing traffic and pollution the Garden city, definitely Parks are very important and definitely be a major recreational area for all the people staying in the city.