Friday, September 24, 2010

Goonj - Echoing and spreading happiness around

Several months passed and the crazy lazy mind is awaken to the echoes of a good dialogue that it heard on Friday.

Last Friday was tangled with different things for this crazy lazy mind. Why So? Yes against the usual routine of getting up early dressing up in the usual salwar or trousers and moving to office by bus, grabbing a cup of coffee and getting to work and then waiting for 5 pm…and then just getting back home…thinking what next for the was very different…

Owing to a celebration on diversity at our office, all of aa sudden I decided to dress up in Saree and get to office in a different get up than the usual way…now I do not know how to wear saree , so had to wake up very early around 5.30 a.m against the regular late mornings L… and then unable to walk comfortably yet again against the normal routine of getting into the late shuttle I sought the help of my bike and flew to office chilling out amidst the cool cloudy breezes that crossed by in the morning when I was riding my pleasure around 7.30 a.m…

Having reached office by 8.15 I had to have breakfast at our office. Feeling so nervous I tried calling my mom and friend to soften my nervousness….struggling to walk around, climb up and down the stairs with the saree , couple of hours passed by and later I was bit fine. It was 11 and I managed to walk around a bit to meeting to a meeting room…10 mins went by looking around people in different ethnic wears we had our office MD himself start the show, cracking a small joke on his ethnic dress, at the same bringing a serious personality infront of us. Yes, he is the THE man, the man of clothing..whose words are still echoing around the corners of my mind…

It was Anshu Gupta – the founder of a very famous NGO “Goonj”, who was going to share some of his work. During the intro session itself, we were warned by our MD thatwe would be shaken up afte listening to the great man’s speech..I ignored them..thought this is the way gr8 people introduce gr8 people…

Anshu flew as below:

One day Anshu caught sight of a strange quote in a auto that said something in hindi, which more or less meant, this auto brings the stray dead bodies to the Police. One week anshu roamed around with the auto driver everday from 6 a.m in the morning until 10,11 p.m at night as it demanded….and saw that for each dead body the driver was paid rs 20 and 20 m piece of cloth…..most of the deaths were due to scarcity of basic needed clothing…just within a radius of 4-5 kms the auto driver used to find 8-10 dead ebodies..more during winter…I was shocked to hear how the people who lack clothes try to warm them up during winter….seems the auto driver’s daughter used to hug a dead body and sleep as “ Lash koi thang nahi karthe” meaning the dead bodies never cause any trouble as they do not turn here and there….Not sure how correctly I got but I also heard in remote villages…sometimes they dig the ground and sleep and cover with somethings to protect themselves from winter….this is how Anshu introduced the value of clothing…further to this I was even more shaken when he started speaking about the basic need for girls the sanitary napkins…being a girl I was embarrassed to discuss such necessities with my pals….the way anshu explained in front of all was … no words…I never thought about the poor gals…how they would manage..when heard from anshu the ways such issues are tackled in remote villages was even more shocking…

Seems the dirtiest piece of cloth was being used thinking ie. To remove some curse from the body…wash it dry it… a corner of the house..and when the kids/male members of the house return the partially dried cloth was hidden somewhere…the amount of infection that was spreading is unaware by the illiterate folks…Also the same piece of cloth was shared across several members of the family…such issues had caused several infections for the female members more in the villages…The extent of infection was so much that in some villages of Tamil Nadu uterus was removed for most of the ladies…what a thing….

If just there was sufficient cloth then such problems would never occur…So did Anshu think and started with Goonj…which is an NGO that collects old clothes from several sources organizes them, distributes them to the needies at the villages…and gets some useful work done…Some of their initiatives like Cloth for work, scholl to school were mind blowing to listen and watch about…

Cloth for work…nothing but just motivate the downtrodden’s in the villages to fix the basic infra issues at their village in return for cloth….Some of the tasks were to weave a sheet tat could be used to cover over to protect from winter….the lady who weaves gets some money and could sell it just for rs35……next there was a waste land with full of stones…were Goonj members got the ground cleaned by the villagers for cloth in return of cloth and started yielding in the waste land…again cloth and that raises several useful resources…

Next School to school – Nothing but connecting a Urban school to a rural one. The toys, books, school bags wasted unknowingly or partially used by kids…were provided to connected rural schools….the toys served as motivation for some of the kids to turn up to schools…the poor kids who were unable to read due to lack of books were adequately benefited by this…

At a comedy note Anshu started speaking about the clothes that are thrown or donated by people….He said people never throw clothes that are really needed to support the poor…Seems most of the chudidhar bottoms came without nada…as the people were removing and saving it for different use……… Also most clothes coming from cities were T shirts or Jeans or Kurtas….which was smartly converted into midis and distributed to the poor people at north as it was north tradition…what a thought…

Next e.g..nighties and gowns were sent to kerala region thinking intelligently as in Kerala’s tradition a nighty or gown could be worn as a full time dress…amazing thinking…

In this manner..with whatever clothing Goonj was collecting from various parts were creatively recycled….the creativity was just gushing out….

At the end..anshu shared a couple of slides distinguishing between a downtrodden people with and without a decent piece of cloth..uf…that will definitely light a spark in who so ever sees the slide…

Seems in one villages there lived a tribe or set of people who due to lack of money used to steal from rat holes and eat the stored food due to lack o fmoney…Goonj members have reached such people and have changed their way of living through clothing for work….

One such baby without a cloth looks so bad…but the same kid with a descent piece of cloth was smiling with full confidence and so on…

At the closing note anshu shared how difficult it is to act rather than just listening to such inspirational talks and simply moving forward….I was completely touched…

This weekend when I was at home I truly thought over and started giving my old clothes, the clothes that were really needed in a good condition to the poor people I knew…until I listened to Anshu’s talk although I was giving away my old dresses some were just getting bad at a corner…so was the impact of Anshu’s talk upon me…hope who ever reads this gains a bit of Anshu’s motivation and adds to helping and spreading happiness around!!

Goonj definitely echoes it’s spirit with its creative ideas and continuous support to the needy!!

Hats off to the entire team!!



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leading change

Looks like today the crazy lazy mind got to view the real power of leading change….so what is it and why is this mind so enlightened by the simple event that it watched this evening? Nothing, but simply because of the power and motivation it brought in…wonderful…
I have always felt that everybody is biased by the fact that any toolset they learn new, it is not so required to analyze the + and – of that tool, rather just master it and start using it….and also nobody had the real courage to experiment anything at the beginning stage…. So was the crazy lazy mind….
Couple of weeks back at my work even I just wanted to master a tool with the help of the experts. So did I take several lessons from the tool experts, however the tool was so complex that it was not easy to use it instantly without having a sandbox to practice for a while…. This is the kind of thinking that went in my mind and I waited waited waited to get myself a sandbox arranged… weeks passed and now at the real last moment there was no time left to wait any further…
It was very important that for the current month we had to master the tool and use it. Being so our project lead took a real lead, mastered the tool and taught the team simpler way to use it.
However the crazy lazy mind was not that satisfied for what it learnt from the leader as it considered those new practices just as a workaround.
But to our surprise the results were so amazing that within a day or so from a novice I felt like intermediate expert and start to gain the confidence that ok, now we could survive without the real tool expert as well J
And this evening when we sat together as a team and tried to derive the taxonomy of the tool….honestly the thought that went behind the crazy lazy mind was why did the real experts spend huge amount of time in bringing/putting a complex practice in place when my lead could bring such a beautiful change/understanding within a very short span of time….Everyone in the team felt it was a mind blowing exercise and change that our lead practiced with everybody today…
Just like me or most in general if my lead had feared to experiment his new thoughts and tried to master the complex process I think we would have run into trouble with our delivery…rather today those who were terrified by the tool in the previous sprint are very much comfortable and confident in using the terrific tool now….What an amazing change…..


Hats off and kudos to the real leader behind this leading change.

The crazy lazy mind is inspired to the highest this evening and excited feeling it’s power!!

Be the one to Lead the change and set an example to rest of the world!!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crazy lazy mind hears a Horton

After several days…crazy lazy mind is awakened by the triumphs of The Great Horton. Yes Horton is a very strong positive character played by a elephant that flourishes positive thoughts in every little frame of the 90 mins movie “Horton hears a Who” whenever he comes in. It was just a lazy weekend when this crazy lazy mind got very bored and opened the CD pouch of movies taken from her cousin a year back to watch a movie and pass on some time. It was the day of Horton. Horton made a timely visit to flourish some thoughts into me and in turn spread it across.
Without any prior idea about the movie, just me and my friend started watching the movie…Colorful animated movie begin when a huge elephant our Hero Mr.Horton takes a nice bath in a lake in the middle of the forest enjoying life to fullest., singing and dancing….when all of a sudden he is disturbed by a small little speck flying in the air passing by his ears…. Our huge hero feels there is some tiny friend of his within the speck who seeks his help for something. With all confidence, feeling so and believing his thoughts strongly, our benign hero chases the speck flying in the wind and manages to catch is and place it carefully over a small pink beautiful flower…………
Horton starts to care for the speck as the days pass by although his other inmates in the jungle consider him a fool and are curious in stealing the speck away from our hero and ruin his happiness and belief….
Finally after several attempts our Horton hears a who… inmate of Who-ville…a tiny little village of microorganisms living within the speck…. Now Horton’s belief grows strong and decides that he needs to place the speck to save the members of Who-ville on the sun flower on top of the mountain where none of his jungle friends could disturb them and then who ville could have a peaceful life.

Horton feels very responsible the day his belief where strengthened by the voice of who. No matter how much his jungle friends , enemies tease him, bring in several obstacles on his way…the only of goal of our huge hero is to save several lives within the tiny speck and keeps going on and who….
Crazy lazy mind was moved at this point itself where the director of the movies has tried to say…never feel tiny or big about anything…..letting the huge elephant save a tiny world was amazing…it is so difficult for a huge elephant first of all see a very tiny speck…and in spite of that …just to support by his self confidence…the trouble he takes to save it was simply superb…..
Next major obstacle…to get to the top of the mountain…our hero has to cross a long hanging bridge made up of wood and a rope….
The next few mins of the video was very thrilling to watch mr.horton packed with mighty self confidence cross the bridge….

Horton moves on as murmuring below…
Such a long bridge….never mind…got to save the tiny spec…just move on…, two, three….the bridge starts shaking almost to cut down… problem..I can make it….just move on..dont think about anything..u just got to save the life of several within the tiny speck…they trust you..their life is in your hand…..
Suddenly Mr.horton looks at a feather flowing down the bridge and starts chanting…JUST FEEL LIKE U R FEATHER LITE and move….the feather lands on the bridge…Horton is half way through so far with his confidence…and he sees that the wooden logs in the bridge start to break….as soon as even a feather land on the log at that point in time….then he starts..on no…what’s lighter than feather…what’s lighter than is air….just feel like air and you cross it J…and Horton crosses the major obstacle…..It’s party time…with all his dance and song moves on our Horton spreading some smile into our face as well…..
But it did not last long when the antagonist Vulture comes and just snatches away the speck and runs away….Poor Horton runs behind but this time is lost….and is broken down when he sees the vulture drop the speck on the pink flower into the bushes of pink flowers L….
Now what….Crazy lazy mind was in despair…but never so our hero….with all his patience, never thinking of depriving any energy…starts inspecting each and every pink flower in the bush for the tiny speck….days pass by, 1000s, millions of flower pass one by one the inspection..our hero never runs out of energy nor the hope of finding the speck and forgetting about his responsibility to safe guard the speck….

It’s well cast in this movie the famous adage “Try try until you reach your goal”…Yes at last after millions of flowers….mighty Horton finds the speck again and forges ahead proudly towards the hill top to place the speck on the sun flower….
That was the most beautiful, thoughtful scene ever the crazy lazy mind had ever watched in any movie..Where the director fosters the thought to “Keep trying with all your will power and hope to run behind and achieve your goal”…..
Yet again our hero is attacked by a hoard of jungle friends and enemies, when is trapped into a cage…however as our hero would have communicated to the whoville members to support him by screaming and making all possible noise so that his other jungle mates could hear them and realize the existence of Whoville… At last the dream comes true…when the jungle queen the antagonist is about to fire the speck….as Horton heard….everybody around in the jungle hear a sudden outburst of sound made by the inmates of whoville…
Story sweetly then when our caged hero is released and everybody joins the triumph of our mighty Horton in saving the tiny little world within the speck…. 90 mins worth a watch to foster your mind with flourishing thoughts…..
At the end....Big or tiny doesn’t matter….any obstacle/difficulty big or small....even you are big or small....never can always be tackled with all your will power and self confidence!!

Thanks to my cousin because of whom crazy lazy mind learnt wonderful lessons over the weekend!!
Hats off to the creativity of the author/director.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feeling the Cheerful shine of the beautiful Celestial lights

I t was Friday evening. Although I do not anxiously wait for Fridays I set out of office early or on time every Friday in a exciting mode. So did I leave early from office last Friday happily on my two wheeler, but never knew there was a beautiful sight waiting for me to add on top to my already swinging mood. Since I left at the unusual time the road was almost clear with fewer crowds. As usual my MP3 player added to my pleasure while riding on pleasure with wonderful soothing songs in sync with the dimming day light. Suddenly I was taken aback for a minute seeing a Red light in the sky. For a minute I felt traffic signal was red and then the crazy lazy mind realized..ooops..that’s not the traffic whereas our hot sun was bidding adieu for the day…..Crazy mind was astounded to see the dark orange ball in the clear sky with less heat….My concentration drifted, luckily the traffic signal was really red and the crazy mind was calmly able to cherish it’s eye with the beautiful sight of sun set…however within a min the signal was green and had to move on…however yet again the crazy mind was jumping up and down to chase the hiding red sun amidst the buildings while riding the 2 wheeler….

I was unable to get my eye and mind out of the wonderful sunset and quickly parked my vehicle aside on the road and took out my camera and captured few snaps from the middle of the road. Only then my mind could calm down and I started to proceed further…however the sunset sight was so beautiful I felt the sun was greeting me…”hello my friend…m hiding now, it is Friday Evening, just go and have a bash”….For a minute I felt what is the need to go to Kanyakumari to wait and see the sunset…just my office route was enough to get a glimpse of the wonderful sight….

Next comes another weekday..when I complete my work as usual and leave from my desk around 7 p.m and go to my bus. Unfortunately the regular bus that drops us did not turn up and we had to wait a while for alternate transport. Within few mins we had a mini cab and I got into it and sat comfortably at a window seat. I felt good that the regular bus did not turn up as the mini cab was more comfortable. The cab moved and after settling myself well I called up home and while I was talking to my sis and my neck moved a bit towards left….Suddenly I saw something red in round shape in the sky…The red was as bright as the Mehndi Red….Soon the red shape hid behind the moved and I was seeing the red ball coming in and out of sight amidst the trees and buildings, as the cab was moved further…The moment I realized it was our white beauty who was slowly waking up and moving high and high changing it’s color…I immediately started shouting at the phone….hey hey…see sun rising sun rising…and my sis replies…hey mad sis….where will the sun rise late evening….still the crazy mind started trembling with excitement and went on repeatedly saying sun rise sun rise…. It was clear that it’s already well set in human mind that sun is yellow to orange in color and moon the white…..I lost myself at the beautiful rise of the moon….Felt as if the white beauty was slowly rising high and high from deep under the ocean….My sister too got urged and ran to the top floor terrace to view the wonderful scene…but by the time she reached the white beauty had over taken and changed it’s color and come up….

However the white beauty cheered me up so much…for that moment I did not think of anything..but was just lost at it’s rise… work tension…no tiredness….no hunger…nothing at all…for the stretch of 1km road…when my eyes were taking pleasure of watching the red ball rise up and up in the sky slowly changing it’s color to white and when the cab reached the end of the road and was taking a right turn… eyes witnessed the amazing glow of the moon amidst the streets lit with several street lamps…..and yes that was the moment the crazy mind could feel the cheerful smile and silver shine of the Moon…I felt there one another brightest light in the sky brightening up the entire city....the cab turned and I put my neck out of the window bid adieu and settled again in my seat…..for another 15 mins the crazy lazy mind was numb lost into that wonderful moment….

Poor my sis could not enjoy as much my eyes took the pleasure watching the late moonrise…However I did share such a sight with couple of friends and made them feel the cheerful shine of the celestial lights….

Another full moon day ( I was not aware that it was a full moon day) when I was walking in the streets buying vegetables suddenly the white beauty behind the trees smiled and stopped me…my mom went on walking further..after few steps she realized I was not there…when she turned around and called me…the crazy lazy mind was too crazy…and just started shouting in the middle of the road…mom….moon…full moon….so beautiful….wow..what a beauty….. I could feel the streets are so bright and filled with the shine of the celestial light…that’s it..the whole evening…I was just watching the full moon and saying cheers J

I am not sure why it is so coincidental or what that these days the crazy lazy mind is admiring the celestial….but however for sure I can assure/share the happiness derived out of their cheerful shines..Nothing else matters…just get a glimpse or early morning sunrise or evening sunset or late moon rise..that’s it..your day will be made and amazing!...

So has been the case with me…now even my neighbors wake/call me up when they catch hold of such a scene!!

Happy watching!!



Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is what I call as a service!!

It was a fidgety Friday morning when the crazy lazy mind laid under the cover of rug enjoying the pleasant weather until 8.30 a.m, wakes up all of a sudden after realizing an appointment at 9.30.
Had to be really quick with the next routine actions…when time also hit 9.25 swiftly and there was hardly 5 mins left for me to get ready with the handset and phone set well for the pre-fixed appointment…when I hear a ring at the door bell…uf…the Gas delivery person at the exit waiting to to deliver a gas at home very much required for cooking…..
It was 9.30 and I had to finish the call, have breakfast , get ready and leave to office which was about 20 kms away from my house…no worries…no chaos..although the call prolonged longer than expected from 10 to 10.15…I had missed the late morning office shuttle had to mange on my own to reach office… still setting a cool mind I managed to get ready by 10.45 and leave from home to office by my 2 wheeler….
As usual with my MP3 player accompanying my ears I was out of my home quickly on my Plasure…
Few kms…further I could feel kinda turbulence while riding my bike….Moved on without stopping..checked the air in both the wheels..they were intact…moved further..still felt some uneasiness while driving…felt may be if I increase the speed the vehicle could move smoother….that was it….sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..Vehicle halts slowly….accelerator works but my pleasure does not move L ….smartly took the side of the road…stopped and was thinking now what? It is 11 and I am in middle of road..vehicle does not move known mechanics….Staired at my bike when I caught sight of the phone number of my dealer from whom I had purchased the 2 wheeler 2 years back….
Quickly I dial in the number and a lady attends the call….When I introduced myself as their customer and explained the current situation…soon the line was transferred to the service section…I was unaware about the kind of response/support I could get from them…still I waited until I heard a person speak to me….After listening they quickly referred some workshops near by that I could go to and get some help…..I was worried how to go in search of them now…explained my difficulty…..not sure what happened then..The service engineer took my mobile number and said he would call me back in few mins….and after few mins I was amazed…as conveyed..I get a call back from the service engineer…who said..he has already communicated with another engineer from the near by workshop and that he could come and attend to me at the spot..I just have to call them to give the exact address…that’s it…crazy lazy mind was just overhauled with joy and peace of mind.
Next 10 mins passed all clear….as expected the service engineer came to the spot with a mechanic checked the problem. Since there was a belt cut inside the vehicle had to be taken to the workshop for further repair..Patiently the service engineer took it with them and when they asked if they to drop me back somewhere..the crazy mind felt…”This is what I call as a service”…what a service…ah….
Not only attending at the spot and also taking my vehicle back self to the workshop 2 kms away without giving any trouble to the customer was impressive…
It was so easy for me to just call up and get the service in the middle of the road…and return back home without any major pains within a hour…next min I called up office saying I would not be in office retuned home by bus and had a ice cream…
Ok…now that the crazy lazy mind was home by noon…thought to resolve another long pending issue…repairing the Geyser at home that laid dead for couple of months without anybody to check upon….
I knew no electricians..also to the ones I met in the shopw over the weekend never turned up as conveyed..what to do in such circumstances…just thought of the “Just dial’ service …. Called up enquired for few electrician numbers…when..couple of mins pas by my mobile goes busy attending several incoming calls from various electricians…and guess what yes…there was electrician in next hours to attend to my Geyser and fix it….

Again the crazy lazy mind felt “independent” and started murmuring…”this is what I call as a service”..
In the absence of such a service my whole day would have been lost terribly…instead it was a joyful Friday…

Hats off and my sincere thanks to the service engineers and just dial services who helped me on time when needed…and left a feel of their service in customer’s mind…Wonderful!!



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Experiencing the inexperienced

Wah..what a fun it is to experience the inexperienced?? The experience by itself is very exciting surprising and when you get to experience the inexperienced. That experience could be anything. For this crazy mind lately it was the power of words, writing style, imagination of the author of the Tamil literature “Ponniyin Selvan” in 5 volumes that paved way to experience various things that this crazy mind had never experienced.
Before I was too lazy to flip through few pages in a book and used to wonder while gazing at people holding book and reading while walking, eating sleeping and see them just doomed within the book and now equally stunned when those traces reflected in the shadow of this mind over the past couple of months. Also I used to speculate while hearing people portraying their second half as prince or princess and about the crazy romantic conversations with so much excitement. Uf…what a writing! the great author of the book just drowned this crazy mind into the pond of such experiences just with astounding write up…Can’t believe …was it me who went so crazy reading that book???????
The book comes in 5 volumes each around 315 pages and the final volume double the pages, do not know what drove this mind, upon the suggestion from couple of friends to read that book I purchased all the 5 volumes at a stretch….although until then never ever I was glued to any book…
Volume one opens with my favorite exciting hero’s friend coming in a horse. Just few pages I flipped through and soon I was fond of that hero to such an extent that immediately I started telling “MY” hero J …. My dad as well as me was stunned once when I quoted saying my prince as that of this bold hero be like “Vandhiyathevan coming in a horse”…”The man” J….Until the point I read this book I never could think of even imagining my second half as a prince… etc and experiencing this inexperience was bit witty to me but why not J
I was successfully through 100 pages when I heard my room mate was going Out of station. The crazy scary mind did not worry about anything and yet again I could not believe when my neighbors were coming an d knowcking at the window, I was continuously reading the book without bothering to respong, cook , eating and instead just stuck at a single place with this book in hand. 3 days continuous volume one comprising of 300 pages completed.

Even then I had a doubt , will I be successful in completing the series….Continuing with the same curiosity I unfolded the second volume when I was called for a trip with my family…Guess what yes I carried the book with me and throughout the journey was reading the book in the car…my aunt, mom dad…what happened to her..she is reading like this J ..Meanwhile what a sentence in the book..I just say shhhhhhhhhhh…read out the lines aloud..and explain the meaning when my dad says ah ha….I could feel the lines, as if honey was showered on top of my tongue… This was yet again a very sweet experience of experiencing the inexperienced…

Next onto Volume 3…feel..I must complete the doubt…….Days become bit hectic more work…no time to read peacefully…next assignment comes…still the books magnetic attraction was so much that I could peacefully concentrate on the regular work only after finishing the third volume….I just read through so swiftly….I was happy to see how my reading of Tamil words had improved…
Being afraid of the power of the author’s writing, silently I finish my work and then after a gap of 1 month start with volume 4….when I was shocked to realize that I was reading book while standing and travelling in a crowded bus..while climbing floors within the lift….holding the book in hand always and walking..keeping the book always at my desk…staring..smiling at it….trying to read whenever there was a break…uffff…who is this…reading book so crazily….was it this crazy mind…it was bit difficult for me to digest…
Finally after flipping more than 1000 pages across 4 volumes Still I was doubtful if I would be successful in finishing the final volume comprising of about 640 pages….yes the craziness had to increase..incredible…when I was travelling to my native…in the bus due to night travel..the lights were switched off..still crazily I managed to read via the light from my mobile phone and some light from the street lights….too much…I did not care for anybody..the story so curious..that I never felt like dropping the book down….next somehow reached home for a short vacation…when yes it was me who was glued to book within my room peacefully without any tension and without thinking of talking to any one at home or even dropping out of the house to meet friends/relatives…
At last yes..I completed the great series and was shocked again to hear from my mom, aunt and sis that next time I come home..books/reading is thrilling was this experience of experiencing the inexperienced…
And now having finished those volumes now still when I discuss with my friends while travelling my office cabs..m at daze….
Unable to control missing such a book and joyous reading the crazy lazy mind is very happy to lock them in few texts here…

Feel the experience of experiencing the inexperienced…Marvelous..Hats off to THE MAN of the book...Kalki!
Thanks to my friends..suggesting me to read this book.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Slow rising of the white beauty

The clock hit 10 p.m , the crazy lazy mind had finished with cooking for dinner.
Having returned home ealry I enjoyed the movie "The pacifier", which also helped me silently finish cooking without any tiredness.

Then remebered about my room mate who was yet to return from office. thinking so stepped out of the door to look for any sign of my room mate way back home, when I was suddenly taken away by the glimpse of some bright golden colored light hidden behind the walls of a tall building , with almost kind of it's reflections on the walls of the houses on the streets.

Stepping 2 steps backward when my mind just screamed next door lady who was also cleaning the floor was also taken away then by the scene in the widespread sky.........yes the white beauty was just rising.........That is it...I took a seat in the balcony and was enjoying the ravishing late rise of the moon........never thought about any moon rise ever but it was a wonder ful scene to see the white beauty rise so late slowly changing it's color from golden to white......

Both myself and my neighbor were mesmerised for few mins at that scene.....The crazy mind as usual hit several numbers to call up and share the scene with my family and friends.....

15 mins up and it was a wonderful feeling/experience to sit calm at night in the balcony, with silence all around, watch the white beauty rise slowly and lazily ... without thinking about any other thing......

ah....unforgetabble moment at the start of the year itself.......