Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Walking through 2008

Just a day left for this year to complete and I just felt like recollecting and logging some of my unforgettable moments/thoughts lived over this year. Difficult for me to judge if 2008 was good, bad or fun filled for me. As this year was kind of roller coaster for me with varieties of intuitions in my mind.

Going back to first month of 2008, I remember my short fabulous trip with my family to various temples before sending off my brother leaving to Muscat at the Chennai airport. Oh! Just can’t believe that a year has passed by since then... and then I was gifted with my Pleasure end of the month and I was just flying flying and even now having lots of Pleasure with my Pleasure.

Back in town starting with regular I was thinking how I should further fair well in my career. Leaving it aside, stepped into the second month February where in I had 2 wonderful Birthday celebrations of my best friends! I can never erase those 2 days of my life. 2 parties, week after week with my best friends! But then I also had a depressing day when I lost my favorite Sony Ericson…along which I lost some of the best videos and pictures… That was a terrible day…for me..and I still remember how much I wept, and then how my mom and dad consoled me…

I was all fine then and then as mentioned above the next day was rocking with such a lovely birthday celebration of my best leader ever cum friend! Whole day was just too good..

Moving further, I was back with my thoughts of progressing further well in my career. That was when I realized where I was, how I have to cope up with various difficulties. With the best thoughts from my leader I was able to gain lot of positive thoughts by getting the habit of reading books. As advised by my lead I read through various books. Never thought letters can be so powerful and started sharing the same with lot many friends. That could be viewed as a crazy phase of reading. Especially I was addicted towards reading and explaining it to my friends all time.

Amidst this, just to relax got an opportunity to even help little kids at tent schools in need of education. Two, 3 weeks went further visiting the kids and helping them but unfortunately could not continue longer… and then a wonderful trip on a weekend with my friends to Nandhi hills…Even if asked now I can narrate every single wonderful moment we had that day!! Then…

Came the phase of tackling emotions. 2 of my friends were departing, my team was almost broken into pieces and it was very difficult for me to continue with my routine. Oops that was again terrible, I was almost depressed. Yet again it was my lead who taught me how to align our mind and keep forging ahead and at the same time not to miss enjoying every single moment of life.

So next couple of months I was back on track in my routine with my new team, had fun in a team outing and so on.

Then yet another crazy phase of feeling lonely….One of my close uncles expired suddenly, that was very shocking….May be less work too in office was driving me crazy, Simply I used to get depressed feel very lonely, nostalgic and cry, cry cry for unknown reasons…and it was my wonderful aunt who luckily happened to visit my place, helped me in gaining my positive vibrations back. Had another fun filled unforgettable vacation with my family and cousins…

Hectic work followed a month after due to my new responsibilities and my shifting to a new house; I just had time to speak to my parents and colleagues at office. Learnt many new things at workplace and even while setting up a new house.

And then another month passed by taking through another ride in the tide of friendship and strange feelings. Friends were gaining so much of importance in my life, I never thought which would happen…when I still remember the first days of my college life where I was just telling myself I am just happy with my family..but now I strongly say nooooooo…My friends are also equally important and make a great ingredient in recipe of my life as that of my family…

Now when I look back at all these thought, I feel so good and happy for year 2008 to leave me with these good learning experiences. At the end or may be as resolution for the coming year I would just say I would like “stay as what I am” and keep spreading happiness all over with my best!

Short and strong thought before I end my line for this year “B +ve” forever!!

Happy New year!!