Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thirukkural - Very nice thoughts

In continuation to my previous post on inspiring life I thought this time it is perfect to write few lines on my recent attraction "Thirukkural".

As I always loved reading thought provoking lines or cliches, I got recently pulled towards the great asset of Tamil literature "Thirukkural". It was Sunday, when I watched a program on TV and was shocked to see a north Indian, speak/praise about the wonderful lines written in the book "thirukkural" written by the great "Thiruvalluvar".

Following which I noted my Manager sharing very good thoughts from Thirukkural. Just listening to them and understanding the meaning of the same energies the mind like anything. Being brought up in Tamil Nadu, I felt little disappointed for having missed the chance of experiencing the Kurals during my childhood days.

Nevertheless I have started reading the same whenever I find time these days, and as usual when you feel the meaning of the 2 lines, it gives immense happiness to my heart and also induces some good, disciplined way in my way of living, thinking and more.

Reading itself is a very good habit, amongst such good habits, reading thoughtful books like "Thirukkural" and at least following few of the lines can bring magic in our life!

May be in future, once I am through with the book , I will definitely post a set of wonderful "Thirukkurals"!

There are around 1333 kurals in covering various aspects of life! I am so glad, at least now I came to know about it!!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Inspiring Life

Recently this picture caught my attention and I felt I should write down few lines on it in my blog. Often these days I come across people cribbing about boring life. Even I was moaning on the same some time back. Somehow I was lucky to have a friend who sends me good thoughts every day via SMS that fills up my mind with lots of positive energy and makes my day better.

There was one SMS that goes like this... "Leaves fall down from the trees and just keep flying or moving on the way the wind takes it" So be a wind and not the leaf. Take charge of your life and move on..don't wait for any body (luck or fate) to drive you and show you what is life.

This picture above is also one of that kind. I received this as a forward from my friend and in all these messages I could always infer the significance of self motivation,self confidence and a positive attitude required to feel the beauty of life.

I am very much inspired by life these days..hope this short post inspires many others about the beautiful life....

I thank my friend Puja for continuously sending me inspiring SMSs and happily dedicate this post to her ;-)


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cast Away

Cast Away - Amazing Tom Hank's movie.... The movie just revolves around an island but at the end strongly enforces the thought of "Hope" and "continuous attempts" in the audience mind..... So was it for me....

Usually I write something and then I search a suitable title for my post but this time...Somehow I was inclined to choose the title first and then align my experience with the title....

In the movie, Tom Hank gets messed up with a storm in the ocean, somehow he tries hard to save his life and ends up in getting deserted all alone in a island where there is no sign of human beings.....no way of communication and so on... With whatever is found on the island Tom Hank makes his living and passes his days... and finally after a period of 4 to 5 years I guess..do not remember well...succeeds in his union with his family......

I was very much impressed by the movie.... During his isolation period he retrives lot of his hiddedn creativity that helps in his survival.... So if he had sat without any hope, idle then he would have died and that's it.... Instead of kiiling his life by being idle..he plays well with his thoughts and succeeds....

Similar is the case with the human mind.... I strongly believe in this thought "Idle mind is devil's workshop"....

Whenever I was idle I always ended up being lazy or thinking unwanted things, indirectly ruining my day.....
People around me spot as a very enthusiatic person..when i am in office...it's all fine...but when left alone...idle...the cliche used to show up it's face....

Addtionally I was strangled with some pre-defined thoughths that used to always boom up, wheneever my mind was idle paving a clean way to devastation of the day.

I saw a beautiful change in my performance as a repercussion of this realization. Thought about the "Cast Away" movie and tried to keep my mind occupied throughout. Pumped myself with good positive energy, planned my time well, and just kicked off with whateveri could think and do without wasting my time time by sitting idle.
Now I feel life is beautiful and enjoying it in a beautiful way is in our hand and Mind!

I sincerely thank my manager here who suggested me in watching this movie and sowed the thought of always taking some kind of learning or value from whatever worth comes across the eyes, by his thoughtful statements that he used to share during our happy lunch sessions!!

A proud feeling crosses my mind when I match myself in Tom's character in Cast away. I was Cast away by the idle mind but now I feel I have been successful like Tom in my union with the beautiful island of life ;-)!

Simple movie but great Thought!!