Monday, March 10, 2008

Inspiring Life

Recently this picture caught my attention and I felt I should write down few lines on it in my blog. Often these days I come across people cribbing about boring life. Even I was moaning on the same some time back. Somehow I was lucky to have a friend who sends me good thoughts every day via SMS that fills up my mind with lots of positive energy and makes my day better.

There was one SMS that goes like this... "Leaves fall down from the trees and just keep flying or moving on the way the wind takes it" So be a wind and not the leaf. Take charge of your life and move on..don't wait for any body (luck or fate) to drive you and show you what is life.

This picture above is also one of that kind. I received this as a forward from my friend and in all these messages I could always infer the significance of self motivation,self confidence and a positive attitude required to feel the beauty of life.

I am very much inspired by life these days..hope this short post inspires many others about the beautiful life....

I thank my friend Puja for continuously sending me inspiring SMSs and happily dedicate this post to her ;-)


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