Monday, August 25, 2008

A day out with my team

Here I am with an exciting post on my team outbound that I had with my team on Friday. As usual a mail came in from our manager to all of us with the subject highlighting the team outbound request. With all the curiosity I opened the mail to check out the location. It was a resort with many sports facilities. That did not excite me much. Although the meeting request came a week before nothing much was planned.

This was my first team outbound and I had heard lots from my friends about that as an exciting experience. Since some of my old friends were not present I was bit gloomy hence did not get excited too to participate in it.

Keeping aside all those gloomy thoughts I thought to plan something exciting from my side to make our trip interesting and exciting..That also went in vain as I was profoundly loaded with my training sessions and work. At last the day came, our count dropped from 15 to 11 due to some sudden sickness leaves and personal commitments. Still we proceeded. 11 of us into the Swaraj Mazda…. Within few mins we started playing dumbsharats .. We had formed 2 teams one team had to enact a movie name and the other team had to find it out. The resort was 30 mins away from our office….the fun began then…I came to know how good my vocabulary was. I could not even follow the meaning of a English movie name..I passed my chance to my team mate..It went on..and then when it passed to the opponent team it was ever Manager who took the chance of was fun..we reached the resort and we had to stop the game….

At the reception there was a board that read “Welcome SAP Netweaver Production – Day out” and a person came serving a fruit punch as the welcome drink ;-) ..That welcome gave an immense pleasure and pride to me… Apart from our team we were also accompanied with a little guest who was very quiet initially and reserved. I dragged the little wonder to an aquarium to show fish and excite her. That was a great success…yes we got to hear to the little wonder, daughter of our manager and slowly she started moving around with us…..

We were given with Cricket bat, Tennis rackets and many more….. There was a beautiful pool swimming pool but I had forgotten to get my swim suit and I felt extremely bad and sad for my bad memory. Immediately we started off of with a cricket match. The team was split into “Lagaan” and “Chak De SAP”. We were 4 gals and 6 boys but were equally distributed. The match started….Our team won the batting but owing to less number of players we had to do fielding for our opponent as well ;-)…. Rajnish did the opening with Susu…. Rajnish was batting well…after few runs it was Sus’s turn. He hit and run…it was the time for the first wicket yes..I caught the ball immediately threw to the bowler and we had a run out…Sus went to susu ;-) ..The game went on with lot of energy from all…First match our team Lagaan won..and then we departed for lunch..

During our lunch it started raining, the climate was good we all were enjoying the lunch..our little girly started speaking more…naming all the vegetables one by one that she found on her plate. Although we never got introduced to her she started giving names to all of by the color of our dress. It was very nice to see that innocence.

Nice climate, nice food, we almost felt like taking a short nap but then we moved on with indoor games. Some of us played table tennis and few others carom and so on. Then after a while once the rain stopped, we moved out to play tennis, badminton. For the first time ever I tried to place tennis..I hit with the racket..oops the tennis ball was flying high like anything…We had to run so much..Then we had a call for evening tea…the hospitality of the resort was so good that they served the tea/snacks at the tennis court beside the lawn..It was a good feeling to sit in the lawn and have a hot sip of coffee amidst the cool climate…… Following our tea we began with our next game “Passing the parcel”. One of the members was playing and pausing the music and the member whoever held the parcel at the pause of the music had to say some truth or dare to perform some challenging actions…That was of great fun, one of the member had to converse with the ladies of the resort who were doing some cutting/cleaning work at the lawn and find out their names… And then one of them had to sing a song in different language that was unknown to them and another one rolling on the lawn like monkey…. Time swifted again..still no mood to return back home… Had another cricket match following which there was some joke session…All of them shared a couple of jokes or some funny incidents that had taken place in their life….We never thought that even with a small crew of 10 people we would enjoy so much.

It was around 7 p.m and we had to have the dinner and move on…but one last thing we thought we will enjoy was the dance floor….Soon a dance floor was arranged and I was shocked to see Salman khan, Hrithik roshan…great actors/dancers within Netweaver Production team…oops…what an energy even after discharging so much in the criket ground, tennis court and so on…The Disc player was testing our patience..when we start to dance it used to get stuck and stop playing music and when we were idle it use to sing well J but still all of us managed to have fun and finally pushed ourselves around 8.30 for dinner…..

At last during the dinner it was very nice to hear from each about the joyous experience they had over the entire day and we thanked our manager for arranging such a wonderful day out.

All the fun looked as if it finished within a fraction of a second…….. Good that we had a weekend following which we could rest and come to office with a clear mind and work effectively!

All in all the one day outbound was rocking!!