Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Women's day - Note of thanks to all the woMen who have touched my life

After several oscillations in mind whether to write or not, I sit here to type this note....

It is international women's day today and I am receiving so many wishes on my wall and via emails...however I thought I should take a little time today and try to log my thanks and respect to all the women who have been great inspirations for me...

Today we live in smart era and sure we young ladies feel special receiving so many wishes on the web, but what about the others, who have no access to such...  I think best way i could make them feel good is just call them personally and wish,

But the reason I write here is for my satisfaction, just emptying my thoughts to feel nicer :) as I may not be successful in pouring out everything over the telecon...

My mom - who has been so patient in bringing me up and teaching me the virtues of life and carving me what I am today
My Mave (aunt) - who showers so much love and taught me how to respect elders
My Pacchi - being a role model for teaching me how to respect and reach a man's heart
My Dance teacher - For showing me how bold and powerful a woman should be and ofcourse teaching me move my legs and express beautifully every feeling
My appekka (grandma) - bringing me close to the divine narrating devotional stories all the while :) and filling my mind with spiritual power 
My amit mami - for teaching me the art of hospitality
My Motherinlaw - Guiding me towards being a successful wife not by ordering but through her acts...
My mami- in law - yet again guiding me how to be the Boss of a house and manage everything well
My Chikkama - in law - how to flow selfless love and win every ones heart!!

and to my friends - who have shown me how to be dashing and dynamic stars

I think, than me, it is a day for my mom, aunt , grandma , teacher to feel really special...I agree I have been a special daughter, good friend and a successful women at work, however the real phase of womanhood starts now and I must learn from these great women and move ahead in life!!

Sure it is Women's day, however, I am with the opinion or as I see that men are part of woMEN and feel that behind every woman's success, there stands a man within, we could reciprocate their love and respect shown on us,on this special day of ours by saying a simple thanks with a smile!! That would be more joyous!

Thanks to my Father, Brother and my husband who are equally reponsible for what I am today....

ah...I feel relaaaaaxed now after letting out my thoughts..