Sunday, December 29, 2013

Reflections 2013

It was 4.25 a.m, and I woke up all of a sudden with no fight with my mind. I was very clear that it was Monday morning and I had to wake up early to prepare breakfast before my husband leaves to work.

I quickly then washed my face and prepared the bed tea, following  then with the preparation of breakfast! My husband asked me if I was feeling sleepy as it was very cold…I firmly said no no. I got to spend practice few exercises and then read books once I finish my work. It was surprising for me to see the firm thought coming out from me.

Soon after my husband left I walked into my room to get myself ready for doing some exercises, when I stumbled upon myself in the mirror. I looked slimmer. I was confused if had lost some weight or it was just a false imagination. Whatever I did smile feeling slimmer reflection in the mirror…

I went on with my first exercise. Since I resumed my exercise after a gap of 1 week I thought it might be hard for me to bend and stretch my muscles. But no, to my surprise, my first exercise of bending was smoother and better than before! OK ..this pulled my spirits up and I went ahead with 2,3 and 4…all running smoother and nicer!

Then came the meditation part when I was really trying to listen to my mind…Trying it from a long time I always used to get distracted with n number of thoughts…but today it looked as if my mind was whispering its thoughts to me slowly and I patiently heard them…..

May be because as soon as I woke up I was trying to figure out if it was Dec 30 or 31st ….It was the reflections of my good and bad moments of this year that I was seeing as I my mind reflected it to me…..and further down I try to take the positive learning's with me to the next year!

I learnt a lot reading the spiritual articles from "Speaking Tree" Saturday editions from Times of India. Cutting few interesting articles from the paper and saving them for future reads kept me occupied with some beautiful thoughts. It strengthened my attitude for I am more understanding and positive this year! I have no complaints to God, yet I pray to him daily, deriving a source of satisfaction and courage from my few minutes of conversation with the almighty!

Thanks to one of my friends for sharing some interesting videos about the achievements of abnormal people around. I understood how spoilt I am being normal and left with so many choices with me. I had so many choices for everything and anything that my focus was lost!
Since that realization, I tried to lessen my choices and stay focused. Outcome, I did complete few online courses end of this year and used my time in a much valuable manner. I am happy to feel little knowledgeable with myself than I was before.

I also learnt about Perseverance during this period of learning with the MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses). Their weekly deadline for viewing every video lecture and attempting the quizzes + assignments, credits, kept me hooked to the course and learn what I wanted.  I learnt to manage my time better, finding some free time to pursue what I liked and work sincerely to accomplish my goals.
Thanks to my husband who supported me in pursuing what I wanted and also lend an ear every evening to listen to my learning/development experience with the courses. Thanks to my brother,sister-in-law,friends, cousins for reviewing my assignments before submissions.

Thanks to another friend of mine who just over a chat on the phone made me realize how important is it to warm up the body early in the morning as important it is to brush our teeth or eat. Since then I tried to follow a 15 minutes schedule to stretch and energize my muscles and then I got to realize the value  pressure in any work.Initially it was hard for me to push myself to exercise everyday as my target was higher! I felt like a burden to wake up thinking I have to exercise (which is painful at the starting).
I corrected myself lowering the target and then the pressure on the same. I set my schedule for 3 days in a week with exercise and by chance if I had dozed off, I used to pat myself and say it is OK no big deal, I will do it tomorrow. With smaller targets, I got more success and much more energy and motivation aggravated in leading to bigger success.I learnt the importance of continuity too.Now its over several months, I do not wake up with a regret or burden….I practice regularly my exercise regime and I feel more fit than before…maybe results of this continuous effort that I looked slimmer in the mirror J

Following my exercise I spent the next few mins with a cup of coffee glancing through the news paper at my terrace. The column “How I start my day” in Sunday’s Life edition from Times of India helped me learn some good ways of benefiting from the early morning times and outcome, compared to last year there are very few days this year when I have really slept like hell , waking up very late and feeling lost with time!This also got me the chance of rejoicing the joy of fresh mornings. I went for regular walks in my township admiring the kitchen garden in front of every house, greeting the flowers, vegetables and the Sun.

Last but not least, thanks to my mother for tracking me time to time and helping me learn how to stay organized, be systematic and perfect in anything and everything you do. Planning well in advance about my days' activities, staying focused helped me avoid wasting time thinking what to do everyday! and  so on every time I get a compliment from my friends who visit my house be it for my culinary skills or for the ambiance of our house, I owe all the credits to my mom. No doubt, following her advises and path I feel a better homemaker this year than before!!

Winding up with what l I heard from my mind, when I see this is going to be my 100th post in this blog of “Crazy Lazy Mind to Effective Mind”, I feel yes maybe over this span of 5 years crazy mind has learnt at least a bit now to be effective.

Thanks to my team lead who motivated me to get started with blogging in 2007 and I really feel happy to publish my 100th post today.

Happy New Year!!