Sunday, September 8, 2013

For me it's my mom's things

    If you tell somebody 100 times something at least once it will get into their head.
    Not necessarily 100 times :), just that it means many times… or if many tell you some stuff at least one persons' would be heard and followed…and yes for me it's my mom's stuff…whose many such useful tips which were once boring have helped me to lead a better life… Below are few such useful lessons or tips  shared by mom with me here and there during our tea times, or the times we cooked together or over the telecon and so on….

    Today when I look back the way I have organized things lending earg to my mom's tips , I feel so good and thankful to her…. Though many have shared with me such useful stuffs, for me it's my mom's things that have paved way to settle down better with my life ….

    Here goes the collection of few such tips, which might sound silly while reading, but works wonders when followed when it strikes at your heart to lend a ear to try them….

  1. Wake up early and go for morning walk at least 30 mins daily
  2. Soak Almonds and Fenugreek seeds at night and have them early morning empty stomach the next day, very good for health

  3. One another such tip from my Father-in-law..

  4. Drink warm water early morning empty stomach daily, even when you travel somewhere . This helps your body to be more resistant towards any infection due to any change in the environment or water.

  5. Light lamps and pray God early during the day and worship Goddess Tulsi before 12 noon and along with that do Suryanamaskar

  1. Similarly evening time pray God and light lamp for Tulsi before it darkens

  2. Now since I have placed my Tulsi at the balcony, there is often wind blowing there and my diya used to turn off very soon :( ….my struggle continued with many mud lamps that come with a cover and protect the lamp from blowing away. But still my mud lamps broke often, and I ended buying lamps months after months….now my mom put a full stop for this struggle..

  3. I replaced the mud lamp with a beautiful metal lamp and simply covered it with a netted stainless steel spoon stand…now my lamp glows very beautifully for long...

  4. Following these tips have always given me positive  energy and is keeping me more peaceful and happier, now going ahead with the culinary tips

  5. While making Dosa:  Use a bowl of water mixed with oil for spraying on the dosa pan before spreading the batter, this eases out removing the dosa from the pan and also help reducing oil content in the dosa

  1. Drink milk and have fruits after dinner daily

  1. While making maida dosa : if you are living in a hot climate then grind the urad dhal batter early in the evening and keep in the fridge, next day morning mix maida and have  it. This prevents the batter from having sour taste.

  2. Dry chapathi although has no fat in it and good for fitness, often becomes hard if not consumed immediately after preparing. Also sometimes the wheat could add more heat to the body and therefore this tip  helps us with usage of less fat and making fluffy chapathis

  3. Prepare the dough soft with warm water and little milk. Then after you roll them into small balls, flatten them first to a smaller circle, make such 4 or 5 small bases, now grease a spoon or two of fat into two of the bases, place one upon the other and spread the fat to other small bases.
  4. Now take a knife and cut a line from the centre of the base and then roll into a new ball. Now flatten this to a bigger thin base and fry the same on the pan without any fat. The Chapthi will come out fluffy and stay softer for long. Adding little ghee or fat to the base is helpful in maintaining the body heat.

  5. Upon cooking , try to wash the rims around the gas burners every alternate day or so. This helps you in keeping your Gas stove very clean. Since you would clean regularly, the rim surface would be less oily or with less stains and  so washing your gas stove or keeping in clean and tidy will not be a burden anymore.

  6. Sweep your house daily and mop it at least once in a week.  Adding to this from my aunt, it is good to mop the house on Fridays or Tuesdays.

  1. One from my Mother-in-law, for ladies, it is good to have head bath on Thursdays or Tuesdays and not on Saturdays.. Seems this would keep us away from difficulties and worries…

  2. So far this much….shall keep adding more as and when they strike me…. Hope this helps the readers too…



Nagaraj said...

Very nice tips, Akshata. You have evolved into a perfect home maker. Keep it up and share more such useful tips. -
Nagaraj mam.

siddish srinivas said...

Nice..... Keep Writing....