Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feeling the Cheerful shine of the beautiful Celestial lights

I t was Friday evening. Although I do not anxiously wait for Fridays I set out of office early or on time every Friday in a exciting mode. So did I leave early from office last Friday happily on my two wheeler, but never knew there was a beautiful sight waiting for me to add on top to my already swinging mood. Since I left at the unusual time the road was almost clear with fewer crowds. As usual my MP3 player added to my pleasure while riding on pleasure with wonderful soothing songs in sync with the dimming day light. Suddenly I was taken aback for a minute seeing a Red light in the sky. For a minute I felt traffic signal was red and then the crazy lazy mind realized..ooops..that’s not the traffic whereas our hot sun was bidding adieu for the day…..Crazy mind was astounded to see the dark orange ball in the clear sky with less heat….My concentration drifted, luckily the traffic signal was really red and the crazy mind was calmly able to cherish it’s eye with the beautiful sight of sun set…however within a min the signal was green and had to move on…however yet again the crazy mind was jumping up and down to chase the hiding red sun amidst the buildings while riding the 2 wheeler….

I was unable to get my eye and mind out of the wonderful sunset and quickly parked my vehicle aside on the road and took out my camera and captured few snaps from the middle of the road. Only then my mind could calm down and I started to proceed further…however the sunset sight was so beautiful I felt the sun was greeting me…”hello my friend…m hiding now, it is Friday Evening, just go and have a bash”….For a minute I felt what is the need to go to Kanyakumari to wait and see the sunset…just my office route was enough to get a glimpse of the wonderful sight….

Next comes another weekday..when I complete my work as usual and leave from my desk around 7 p.m and go to my bus. Unfortunately the regular bus that drops us did not turn up and we had to wait a while for alternate transport. Within few mins we had a mini cab and I got into it and sat comfortably at a window seat. I felt good that the regular bus did not turn up as the mini cab was more comfortable. The cab moved and after settling myself well I called up home and while I was talking to my sis and my neck moved a bit towards left….Suddenly I saw something red in round shape in the sky…The red was as bright as the Mehndi Red….Soon the red shape hid behind the building..cab moved and I was seeing the red ball coming in and out of sight amidst the trees and buildings, as the cab was moved further…The moment I realized it was our white beauty who was slowly waking up and moving high and high changing it’s color…I immediately started shouting at the phone….hey hey…see sun rising sun rising…and my sis replies…hey mad sis….where will the sun rise late evening….still the crazy mind started trembling with excitement and went on repeatedly saying sun rise sun rise…. It was clear that it’s already well set in human mind that sun is yellow to orange in color and moon the white…..I lost myself at the beautiful rise of the moon….Felt as if the white beauty was slowly rising high and high from deep under the ocean….My sister too got urged and ran to the top floor terrace to view the wonderful scene…but by the time she reached the white beauty had over taken and changed it’s color and come up….

However the white beauty cheered me up so much…for that moment I did not think of anything..but was just lost at it’s rise…..no work tension…no tiredness….no hunger…nothing at all…for the stretch of 1km road…when my eyes were taking pleasure of watching the red ball rise up and up in the sky slowly changing it’s color to white and when the cab reached the end of the road and was taking a right turn…..my eyes witnessed the amazing glow of the moon amidst the streets lit with several street lamps…..and yes that was the moment the crazy mind could feel the cheerful smile and silver shine of the Moon…I felt there one another brightest light in the sky brightening up the entire city....the cab turned and I put my neck out of the window bid adieu and settled again in my seat…..for another 15 mins the crazy lazy mind was numb lost into that wonderful moment….

Poor my sis could not enjoy as much my eyes took the pleasure watching the late moonrise…However I did share such a sight with couple of friends and made them feel the cheerful shine of the celestial lights….

Another full moon day ( I was not aware that it was a full moon day) when I was walking in the streets buying vegetables suddenly the white beauty behind the trees smiled and stopped me…my mom went on walking further..after few steps she realized I was not there…when she turned around and called me…the crazy lazy mind was too crazy…and just started shouting in the middle of the road…mom….moon…full moon….so beautiful….wow..what a beauty….. I could feel the streets are so bright and filled with the shine of the celestial light…that’s it..the whole evening…I was just watching the full moon and saying cheers J

I am not sure why it is so coincidental or what that these days the crazy lazy mind is admiring the celestial….but however for sure I can assure/share the happiness derived out of their cheerful shines..Nothing else matters…just get a glimpse or early morning sunrise or evening sunset or late moon rise..that’s it..your day will be made and amazing!...

So has been the case with me…now even my neighbors wake/call me up when they catch hold of such a scene!!

Happy watching!!