Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crazy lazy mind hears a Horton

After several days…crazy lazy mind is awakened by the triumphs of The Great Horton. Yes Horton is a very strong positive character played by a elephant that flourishes positive thoughts in every little frame of the 90 mins movie “Horton hears a Who” whenever he comes in. It was just a lazy weekend when this crazy lazy mind got very bored and opened the CD pouch of movies taken from her cousin a year back to watch a movie and pass on some time. It was the day of Horton. Horton made a timely visit to flourish some thoughts into me and in turn spread it across.
Without any prior idea about the movie, just me and my friend started watching the movie…Colorful animated movie begin when a huge elephant our Hero Mr.Horton takes a nice bath in a lake in the middle of the forest enjoying life to fullest., singing and dancing….when all of a sudden he is disturbed by a small little speck flying in the air passing by his ears…. Our huge hero feels there is some tiny friend of his within the speck who seeks his help for something. With all confidence, feeling so and believing his thoughts strongly, our benign hero chases the speck flying in the wind and manages to catch is and place it carefully over a small pink beautiful flower…………
Horton starts to care for the speck as the days pass by although his other inmates in the jungle consider him a fool and are curious in stealing the speck away from our hero and ruin his happiness and belief….
Finally after several attempts our Horton hears a who… inmate of Who-ville…a tiny little village of microorganisms living within the speck…. Now Horton’s belief grows strong and decides that he needs to place the speck to save the members of Who-ville on the sun flower on top of the mountain where none of his jungle friends could disturb them and then who ville could have a peaceful life.

Horton feels very responsible the day his belief where strengthened by the voice of who. No matter how much his jungle friends , enemies tease him, bring in several obstacles on his way…the only of goal of our huge hero is to save several lives within the tiny speck and keeps going on and who….
Crazy lazy mind was moved at this point itself where the director of the movies has tried to say…never feel tiny or big about anything…..letting the huge elephant save a tiny world was amazing…it is so difficult for a huge elephant first of all see a very tiny speck…and in spite of that …just to support by his self confidence…the trouble he takes to save it was simply superb…..
Next major obstacle…to get to the top of the mountain…our hero has to cross a long hanging bridge made up of wood and a rope….
The next few mins of the video was very thrilling to watch mr.horton packed with mighty self confidence cross the bridge….

Horton moves on as murmuring below…
Such a long bridge….never mind…got to save the tiny spec…just move on…, two, three….the bridge starts shaking almost to cut down… problem..I can make it….just move on..dont think about anything..u just got to save the life of several within the tiny speck…they trust you..their life is in your hand…..
Suddenly Mr.horton looks at a feather flowing down the bridge and starts chanting…JUST FEEL LIKE U R FEATHER LITE and move….the feather lands on the bridge…Horton is half way through so far with his confidence…and he sees that the wooden logs in the bridge start to break….as soon as even a feather land on the log at that point in time….then he starts..on no…what’s lighter than feather…what’s lighter than is air….just feel like air and you cross it J…and Horton crosses the major obstacle…..It’s party time…with all his dance and song moves on our Horton spreading some smile into our face as well…..
But it did not last long when the antagonist Vulture comes and just snatches away the speck and runs away….Poor Horton runs behind but this time is lost….and is broken down when he sees the vulture drop the speck on the pink flower into the bushes of pink flowers L….
Now what….Crazy lazy mind was in despair…but never so our hero….with all his patience, never thinking of depriving any energy…starts inspecting each and every pink flower in the bush for the tiny speck….days pass by, 1000s, millions of flower pass one by one the inspection..our hero never runs out of energy nor the hope of finding the speck and forgetting about his responsibility to safe guard the speck….

It’s well cast in this movie the famous adage “Try try until you reach your goal”…Yes at last after millions of flowers….mighty Horton finds the speck again and forges ahead proudly towards the hill top to place the speck on the sun flower….
That was the most beautiful, thoughtful scene ever the crazy lazy mind had ever watched in any movie..Where the director fosters the thought to “Keep trying with all your will power and hope to run behind and achieve your goal”…..
Yet again our hero is attacked by a hoard of jungle friends and enemies, when is trapped into a cage…however as our hero would have communicated to the whoville members to support him by screaming and making all possible noise so that his other jungle mates could hear them and realize the existence of Whoville… At last the dream comes true…when the jungle queen the antagonist is about to fire the speck….as Horton heard….everybody around in the jungle hear a sudden outburst of sound made by the inmates of whoville…
Story sweetly then when our caged hero is released and everybody joins the triumph of our mighty Horton in saving the tiny little world within the speck…. 90 mins worth a watch to foster your mind with flourishing thoughts…..
At the end....Big or tiny doesn’t matter….any obstacle/difficulty big or small....even you are big or small....never can always be tackled with all your will power and self confidence!!

Thanks to my cousin because of whom crazy lazy mind learnt wonderful lessons over the weekend!!
Hats off to the creativity of the author/director.....


Sowmya said...

Very nice Akshatha.
I will watch the movie very soon too and ofcourse, I hope to have the same experiance :-)

ps6983 said...

It is the mind....and only the mind that works consciously n subconsciously...the potion that our soul needs at that very moment....and I'm glad to see ur mind worked very diligently..not only for u...but also for us. It gives us a whole new meaning to look for...and probably a new meaning to our existence maybe. Thanx for sharing this great piece of work with us :)