Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wear A Positive Attitude and You Can Embrace Life

“If you shut yourself from life, nobody is going to like you!”  I read these lines in the book “Gifted” that covers inspiring stories of people with disabilities.  Truly all the 15 people covered in the book are “Gifted” for gaining courage, patience, determination, dedication and fighting back the hardships throughout their life with such zeal and zest.  No wonder, all such who were considered useless when they came into this world are shining stars today!!

Thanks to my friend who gifted me this book for there is so much to learn and get inspired from every single heartwarming story. Since the time I started reading that book, many valuable thoughts from the book kept running in my mind and helped me correct myself whenever I turned off.  

It’s been 2 months since I shifted to a new locality, with not many new friends and unfamiliar neighbors still. My husband has been my only friend for whom I wait eagerly to return from office and talk or go out regularly. However not all days he was home early and 2 months just flew away with myself busy setting up the house and exploring the new place.

At times I used to feel lazy with no mood to work, at times irritated with change in weather or feel bizarre, saturated unknowing what to do.  Such low times kept me worried, reminding me of my old freaky days with old friends and not let me accustom to the new surroundings.

One evening when I was getting out for my shopping, my neighbor’s daughter came running to me and invited me for a small function at their house next day. I felt so kind of her for inviting me and nodded yes. But I had no interest to attend the same as I knew none there. Coincidently I fell sick and could not step out of the house.

I could hear the noise of the guests next day at their house and stayed quiet at home. I could neither attend the function nor could inform them about my absence.

I felt bad in a way that they called me and I did not go. Since then, so many times I wanted to walk to their house and say sorry. I even tried to smile at the next door lady whenever I spotted her out in the veranda. But she never seemed to respond. Thereafter I refrained thinking it does not matter to the strangers whether I attended or not.

After reading the line “If you shut yourself from life, nobody is going to like you!”  From “Gifted” I could not stop myself.  

Early in morning today as I was cleaning outside I found the lady doing her morning walk in her veranda. Without any hesitation I went up to her and said sorry for not being able to attend the function in their house owing to sudden sickness.  She immediately greeted me with a smile and said, not a problem, we are your neighbors, you can come on in anytime, and may god bless with you all happiness. I was surprised! 

In addition she expressed her eye sight was weak and therefore she talks only to those whom she recognizes. (So that was the reason, the lady did not recognize me in my veranda.) For a minute I felt very embarrassed about my negative thoughts and said sorry again.

I returned home happily with full satisfaction that I apologized for my absence.

Had I not gone and made an attempt to talk to her I would have been left with a silly misunderstanding, regrets and no friends at the new place.

Instead today I have no regrets and her warm greetings have filled my day with so many smiles that I have been amusing all the while, thinking about having such a thoughtful neighbor.

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