Thursday, February 20, 2014

Caught in the act

It's been 3 months since we planted few saplings in our garden and watch them grow day by day. The green color of the garden gives so much peace to the mind. Every morning or evening I water the plants and spend few mins with them.  I generally walk into the garden as soon as I have my bed tea. These days I frequent the garden more often as our saplings have started blooming.  One such time when I walked into our garden I saw the petals of a flower were all downward…

I thought to myself….sad the flower has lasted just for a day or two and is going to dry out soon…. …After couple of hours when the sun was really high in the sky I saw the same petals were all up and the flower looked beautiful… I did not mind this change as I was deeply enjoying the beauty of the flower….

Today I dozed off of for longer hours and woke up bit late than usual….since my head was aching due to long hours of sleep I stepped into my garden to relax….I saw again….there was one another lazy fellow sleeping for longer hours :) …then I understood, the flower was not dying rather sleeping :)....
I giggled and thought to myself,  cool there are many other lazy fellows sleeping for long hours during winter…I am not the only one…I have a company now :)!

Just like the sun rays hit our eyes through the window and wake us up when we doze of longer hours during the day, same way the sun had to really come up high in the sky pass the sharp rays and wake this lazy fellow up…What a lovely sight to watch the flower sleep and wake….

Yellow beauty caught in the act!!


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