Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Experience away from my home

It’s been around 8 years until today that I have been away from my house. I just can’t imagine how fast the time has flown leaving vivid experiences with me.

I still remember the words uttered by my uncle as soon as I was out of my schooling. “That’s it Akshatha, no more you a permanent resident of your house, you will also visit your house like any other guests”. I had opposed it and could not agree to that point at that time. But now I feel yes, I have been adorned with the guest attire for the past 8 years. Today I have almost spent 8 years away from my house and still wandering amidst my house here, office, weekend hang outs with friends etc…

In my opinion this has been a wonderful chance or opportunity that has paved way for me to learn many valuable things in the journey of life. Today I would journal those experiences here which I feel are worth sharing and I am sure many would agree to my experiences:

Normally parents are very scared to let their kids stay away from them, fearing they would end up in some wrong road. I feel after a certain age it is ok to let the kids stay away and learn from their experiences. Parents can always have an eye on their children and advice if they redundantly commit some mistakes…Self learning or self experience is always the best teacher I feel…This was the case with me….. Although I was out of home after my schooling, I was given with all the freedom, but was closely monitored and directed by parents…

4 years I spent my days in hostel when I first got the chance of handling expenses…My dad used to credit money monthly for my expenses and I had to manage them carefully…. Next I met different set of people, learned how to mingle/adjust with them…. And then came the lesson of organize… I had to manage the things I required daily, like washing clothes on my own, keeping my place clean, getting accustomed to any kind of food and so on…When I was at home I used to have certain restriction with the vegetables/food I used to take…but you are away from home you come to know the value of money, home food J etc….. Additionally you develop some responsibility for self…Over these years when you understand the value of each amenity required to live a beautiful tend to study well or open your eyes and look out for good career opportunities… These push needn’t come from the parents, it will automatically come into ourselves when we are let alone to come up on our own…. If the parents habituate their kids with spoon feeding out of over affection then it might end up in trouble when the children grow up and are suddenly made to take responsibilities.... These responsible thinking will come gradually out of self learning........

So I was out of my college as a nice graduate though I did not end up in any good campus placements… Then started the job hunt…. I was jobless for few months..Luckily I had my bro who was additionally supporting me along with my parents… Now I enter a new city in search of my job…. Everything looks very new and complicated at the beginning… Since my bro use to go for work and was busy with his professional life..I had to get myself comfortable with the new world…

I can’t sit at home 24 hours throughout…had to step out at least twice a day for food or some kinda mental refreshment and mainly visit companies, drop the resume and attend interviews..This when I crossed the chapters of communication, confidence etc… I learnt to roam around in buses on my own (which was not the case before..i.e my dad or uncle used to care for all such matter), communicate with various strangers and look out/aspire for what I wanted… this phase kinda taught me to become more independent or even I can say it made me understand the significance of being independent…

Next comes the episode of professional experience and I am still learning there…. It is when I became completely independent after finding a job…. This is a great the initial phase you feel very nice..Money starts flowing in your hand and you start having fun with friends, you feel like presenting gifts to your loved ones.. You feel great doing it…. After a period of time here again you get to learn to have control over your expenses, valuing people and so on….. Additionally you get an exposure as to how to align your behavior in a professional, respectful ways. We get to meet various high executives and learn how to present yourself…….

Although this journey away from home leaves behind many good experiences, it can be worse if it is not carefully understood or watched by the elders. It can sometime addict an individual to isolation. Having an independent house, and having learnt to manage everything independently sometime we might lose thought of our family…This could be possible…. As you become busy moving around house-office-hang outs, you get less time to think about your family… The focus at this time until we settle properly would be just to keep jumping high and high in the ladder of career, and keeping forging ahead in the quest of our achievements….

It was the case with me for past few months when I had hectic work in the office….I was unable to spend time with my family members and kind of bothered my parents… So this time I got the chance to go through the chapter of time management and learn how to mange and do my work effectively and so on…

At last this ongoing journey away from my home has given me nice fruitful lessons, aligned my thinking, and built more confidence. Overall it has been a joyous experience….

That’s all for today!



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What I learnt from an Awe inspiring Leader

The day dawned as usual at 6.30 a.m yesterday and I rushed as quickly as possible to my aunts house....We had ethnic day planned in our team and had to wear a saree, for which my aunt had to help me.......

A mail comes to my inbox with the subject "Party" and I feel very sad looking at that. You might be shocked for a moment why to feel sad at the word "PARTY" rather than getting filled with excitement. Yes I was sad because it was a send off party for my awe inspiring leader who has always been guiding me and indirectly teaching me lot of good qualities via his action and way of working.

My whole team gathered at the CCD for the party.. I also joined in and was trying to have a hot sip of Capacuinno. In the next span of 20 minutes all the team members settled down with their hot/cold drinks and then started the hero of the party with his inspiring talk sharing his good/bad experience he had over the long stay in the current team. The talk went on for about 15 minutes, following which my manager and few other members shared few of their experience with our hero of the day. I was so overwhelmed by the inspiring talk that even I felt very responsible to say few words about the great person.

I was too emotional I guess for I cut my lines down to just 2 to 3 covering my learnings and the inspirations I drove from him. When we all departed from CCD wishing him good luck I felt very incomplete for not having shared the good thoughts completely. It is when our blogspot flashed in my mind and I immediately decided it was the right place to preserve the wonderful qualities I picked from such an awe inspiring leader. To start with the title of my post...

awe inspiring --> which means impressive, Fascinative why?? Whenever I read any personality development book or any motivative books, it was this personality that flashed in my mind when my eyes passed throug impressive lines.

Next jotting down the piece of advice or principle shared by him during the farewell talk.....

Whenever it comes to your growth keep the following in your mind and work:

1. Trust --> Trust your people around
2. Solve the current problem and then only leave for the next task or leave for the day
3. There is no enemy for you within your own world

Now..what I had picked up or observed when I worked with our hero:

  • Always enjoy the work you do, if you don't enjoy then inform your higher level and demand for more work rather than sitting idle
  • Ask questions if you do not understand anything
  • Keep yourself updated with the more details of the work around you. Always helps
  • Build good rapport with the people you support and work with
  • Be active and show all your capabilities at work
  • Read more books (Best ever energy boosting tonic I had)
  • Work while you work, enjoy while you enjoy
  • Do everything to the fullest
  • Plan and act at it fiercely to achieve your future goals
  • Try to learn or get anything out of whatever you come across in your daily life be it a movie (Watch "The Shawshank Redemption" if possible) or a person you talk with. There will be at least one good or bad thing you can learn. If it is good one learn to implement it and if it bad try to cut it off from you
  • Feel responsible for all the work you do
  • Be bold (assertive) and just shoot
  • Finally make yourself comfortable for others to such an extent that people should crave or long for your come back (There is one Thirukural in Tamil that portrays the same meaning i.e. "A good teacher talks sweetly, enjoys, teaches his disciples in such a way that when it's time for leave the disciples crave for his come back --> "Uuavapath Thalaikudiya Ulla Pirithal Anaithe Pulavar Thozhil") I can clearly whole heartedly attribute this to our hero here:
Now that it is time for his adieu we feel very sad for losing such a classic leader.

Last but not least, All these were never orated by the great person to me, Just his actions have reflected in the lines here. A big salute to him and I thank God at this point in time for having given me a chance to come across such a wonderful personality in my life....

Additionally it gives so much pride for me to write about this person himself in my blog who actually gave a drive/thought to me to start with this blogging activity!

Blogging rocks and Hats off to you Bathra!!