Monday, June 27, 2011

Home is a home!

Home is a home!!!

What do you understand by the word home?
Crazy lazy mind thinks its a place where you are nurtured with great thoughts habits with utmost attention which we fail for sure to get elsewhere. Home sure the place where you feel belonged to the particular place.

However once the crazy lazy mind was groomed wit all care and got its own wings it was time for it to fly into the external world. So did it fly fly fly......

However at certain point it had to return/visit home time to time. Having got own wings exploring the external world crazy lazy mind did build up small house on its own in the new place and was quite enjoying the newly sought freedom.

And when it was time to visit the real home crazylazy mind started to get a feeling as if it was guest house or so and also wondered many times how could I feel so :) just to realise the fact that all such feeling was just under the flavour of newly sought freedom.

But whenever I was returning back from my House I always feel where in the world I Would I Get such a attention? Who would give me so much love? Who would care for what I eat, what I like? Did the crazy lazy mind sleep well? Rest well? Everybody's eyes are just fixed at you attending one and only you.

I am sure nowhere else apart from your own house you get to enjoy such attention. Now when I look back my past couple of days stay at home, albeit I am returning to my newly sought acquaintance where I enjoy all freedom I miss my Home very very much.

Every single moment with all affectionate attentions could never be got anywhere! So does it reflect in all corners of crazy lazy mind home is a home! And here I am reflecting my nostalgia in my blog post after a very very
long time while I am on my way back away from home in the bus!