Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is what I call as a service!!

It was a fidgety Friday morning when the crazy lazy mind laid under the cover of rug enjoying the pleasant weather until 8.30 a.m, wakes up all of a sudden after realizing an appointment at 9.30.
Had to be really quick with the next routine actions…when time also hit 9.25 swiftly and there was hardly 5 mins left for me to get ready with the handset and phone set well for the pre-fixed appointment…when I hear a ring at the door bell…uf…the Gas delivery person at the exit waiting to to deliver a gas at home very much required for cooking…..
It was 9.30 and I had to finish the call, have breakfast , get ready and leave to office which was about 20 kms away from my house…no worries…no chaos..although the call prolonged longer than expected from 10 to 10.15…I had missed the late morning office shuttle had to mange on my own to reach office… still setting a cool mind I managed to get ready by 10.45 and leave from home to office by my 2 wheeler….
As usual with my MP3 player accompanying my ears I was out of my home quickly on my Plasure…
Few kms…further I could feel kinda turbulence while riding my bike….Moved on without stopping..checked the air in both the wheels..they were intact…moved further..still felt some uneasiness while driving…felt may be if I increase the speed the vehicle could move smoother….that was it….sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..Vehicle halts slowly….accelerator works but my pleasure does not move L ….smartly took the side of the road…stopped and was thinking now what? It is 11 and I am in middle of road..vehicle does not move known mechanics….Staired at my bike when I caught sight of the phone number of my dealer from whom I had purchased the 2 wheeler 2 years back….
Quickly I dial in the number and a lady attends the call….When I introduced myself as their customer and explained the current situation…soon the line was transferred to the service section…I was unaware about the kind of response/support I could get from them…still I waited until I heard a person speak to me….After listening they quickly referred some workshops near by that I could go to and get some help…..I was worried how to go in search of them now…explained my difficulty…..not sure what happened then..The service engineer took my mobile number and said he would call me back in few mins….and after few mins I was amazed…as conveyed..I get a call back from the service engineer…who said..he has already communicated with another engineer from the near by workshop and that he could come and attend to me at the spot..I just have to call them to give the exact address…that’s it…crazy lazy mind was just overhauled with joy and peace of mind.
Next 10 mins passed all clear….as expected the service engineer came to the spot with a mechanic checked the problem. Since there was a belt cut inside the vehicle had to be taken to the workshop for further repair..Patiently the service engineer took it with them and when they asked if they to drop me back somewhere..the crazy mind felt…”This is what I call as a service”…what a service…ah….
Not only attending at the spot and also taking my vehicle back self to the workshop 2 kms away without giving any trouble to the customer was impressive…
It was so easy for me to just call up and get the service in the middle of the road…and return back home without any major pains within a hour…next min I called up office saying I would not be in office retuned home by bus and had a ice cream…
Ok…now that the crazy lazy mind was home by noon…thought to resolve another long pending issue…repairing the Geyser at home that laid dead for couple of months without anybody to check upon….
I knew no electricians..also to the ones I met in the shopw over the weekend never turned up as conveyed..what to do in such circumstances…just thought of the “Just dial’ service …. Called up enquired for few electrician numbers…when..couple of mins pas by my mobile goes busy attending several incoming calls from various electricians…and guess what yes…there was electrician in next hours to attend to my Geyser and fix it….

Again the crazy lazy mind felt “independent” and started murmuring…”this is what I call as a service”..
In the absence of such a service my whole day would have been lost terribly…instead it was a joyful Friday…

Hats off and my sincere thanks to the service engineers and just dial services who helped me on time when needed…and left a feel of their service in customer’s mind…Wonderful!!



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