Monday, December 24, 2007

Bruce Almighty - Great movie

Somehow I felt last weekend was little long but at the end of it I got a very nice moral from a movie called the "Bruce Almighty".

A short description of the movie goes here:

Bruce is a reporter and always keep complaining to God, groaning full time as in why God created him and so on..He was never contempt. He always feels that God has never cared for although he is blessed with a nice Job and a beautiful wife and an amazing comedy skills.

Tired of his complaints God just appears before and gives him all the power and God leaves for a vacation. The powers are assigned with 2 rules to be followed always:

a) He cannot disclose to others that he is almighty
b) He cannot mess with his own will

Initially Bruce takes care of his needs and he is very happy and then his ears get whispered by the countless prayers offered by the devotees all over the Universe . He then again just makes use of his powers and says yes to all the prayers without thinking about its consequences.

Aftermath of it lot of things happen which makes him realize being GOD is not so easy and that GOD could always rightly decide what was good and desired for each of his creations and then bless them with the same at the right time.

So was the case with me. Although I lead a nice descent life,with lot of loving people around ....I still sometime used to worry about my past difficult times and complain to God whenever something went wrong. Especially I used to groan saying "I was So Good to others yet all difficulties had to come only to me " and Recently I was so fed up with some issues that in spite of trying to keep my mind cool, happy and effective I still used to fail and I had stopped my regular prayers.

But this movie has completely changed my vision. I feel I am perfect now. My mind is very clear now.
I happily offered my prayers to almighty this morning and am very thankful again to God for reforming this confused soul with full strength back.

All that happens is for Good and no matter how many times we fail we should always try to keep ourselves going towards our goal!

Amazing acting by Jim and Morgan Freeman. Thanks to my cousin without whom I would have missed this great movie.

It's not about your faith in God.....but this movie somehow strengthens your mind and thinking.


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