Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mind - The lever of Human actions

Ah...After a weeks lag I am back in the blog..... I did not get time or I did not feel like writing or what I do not know....TOday I am in a very obscure state of Mind.... I just can't understand this Human mind...... I understand that Mind is the lever of all actions performed by us........ But it appears very strange to me.... As some time it is very clear and leads to good work...but sometimes it acts very crazy.... It's been around a month since I have started blogging.... I felt very good and relaxed posting my views.........I was happy that my mindwas getting reformed in a good shape and that it's reflected in my actions....but the same mind which makes me feel good sometime drives me crazy......... It contradicts some of the states or some of the thoughtsthe same mind had sowed in me ..... Although I had made up my mind to act effectively, and had started practicing good work...and almost felt that it was is not so....It is very inconsistent..... At times it becomes very sensitive and tends to go back to my old state... sometimes my mind is firm with some good thougths and drives me to good actions and sometimes..tends to be too sensitive, crazy and puts me down....... I really wonder at this creation of God..... It is all well reflected in my blog.......Initially I was enthused very much and was posting almost daily..used to come up with very good thoughts...but suddenly...I am just running out of thoughts...started getting bored again with the daily routine .....and my mind is just wandering around.....
Same way unable to find a good though from my day's work I was just forced to portary my state of obscure mind here.......
Mind is really crazy...but my mission in converting it into an effective one will definitely on the job!!!!!

Atleast my mind is very tenacious to this thought that keeps me going here :-)
And I believe Practice makes a man perfect..with similar effective practice to my mind I am sure I can mold this strange crazy mind to an effective mind with consistent state!


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senthil said...

Hi akshata,

You are choosing a nice title for every article. Good.