Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good Day!

Starting the post with good excitement :-) It dawned around 6.30 for me..I missed my morning walk...uffffffff....It was too cold to get up...Felt like being in hibernation for some more time but had to go to office to complete some work and also had to make a delicious breakfast as promised to my friends mom....

With all my regular experience in cooking I was very confident that I would surprise my guest aunt with nice breakfast...

I was astute....Seeing my quick brisk activities in the morning my Friend's mom was surprised and feeling good...I had everything in place before she would ask it from me..and I was very happy and flying listening to her comments about me ......

To my despair..I a hurry ...I
added some excess water to the Dosa batter than it was required...I felt ahhhhhhhhh....

I think it was all due to my over confidence and hurry.... However I managed to repair it by some tips that I had taken from my mom during the learning process........ So I then managed to get a nice breakfast...I finshed all my work and moved to office....

In the bus I was stunned myself looking at the way I was sticking to my Successful 3rd book(One night @ call centre by Chetan Bhagat) I changed 3 buses to come to office...still I never groaned for anything(before I always used to have problem every day with vague thoughts)....I just kept my mind busy with the book and happily reached office after 1.5 hrs..

and when I reached office I stopped panicking about my pending work....
Sat thought for a while...made a good plan..and here I am after executing the plan successfully...Good work..all set and completed in the planned time..with the expected results... I feel sooooooooo good....

Luckily I was not alone in office, I had one of my colleagues and went for lunch relaxed for half hour..came back to work and I just don't know how the evening has already arrived......... I just want to put some powerful words here that's helping me in the mission of "Crazy Lazy Mind to Effective Mind"
  • Relax
  • Never Panic
  • Think
  • Organize
  • Passion (Do the stuffs u do with full interest)
  • Learn
  • Never Abstain
  • Enjoy
  • Help
So now moving back home with the thought of having a blast over the weekend! Great going again!!


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