Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tips for Some Good Presentation

Today some tips for preparing yourself for good presentation!
  1. First fix up a date on which you have to present. This will make you work seriously towards it.
  2. Read through lot of materials, either from books or internet
  3. Whatever good stuff you find, document it immediately
  4. Then prepare your Presentation with short n sweet up to the point slides
  5. Add notes for each slide..this helps you in preparing yourself to speak well during presentation
  6. Try not to keep generic topics in the the discussion can root deep into that topic and the presentation might divulge from the main course...
  7. Practice well before you present...speak aloud and try to present to yourself...u ll then know how is your preparation
  8. Check your slide show once before you present.
Most of all enjoy the topic which you are presenting...then It will be a wonderful presentation and you ll feel very proud also for presenting that in a enjoyable way...I did it today!

Well, I think that's enough....I gave a presentation today and all the above I have written from my experience.... Yes the presentation went on well..But I cud feel some lack of preparation in me and time planning was not there... I actually though would present it for 30 mins, but it went beyond that and I cud not put forth all the thoughts that I wanted to say fluently.... At few slides I went blank...Although... I did not pace was good...But I felt I cud have done better...

however I have come to know how to prepare better myself for the next.... Will practice more and share few more good stuffs here!


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