Sunday, January 19, 2014

Google - The IT Giant

There was a time when I also wanted to view/reply to emails instantly no matter what time of the day it is and where I am. I had seen my managers at work, would reply instantly to any issue. That was helpful in attending towards any urgent issues etc. I consoled myself, that let me wait until I become a manager or privileged  person to get the privileged phones that had the formula for delivery of instant emails embedded within.

A year later then, I quit my job, when came the era of internet/smart phones or whatever you like to call. The market was flooded with smart phones and it was time when every single person was switching to a smart phone and so I too got a smart phone that enthused me with instant delivery of my personal emails. Finally my dream came true but I was out of my  job, and therefore got better with instant replies to my personal mails. Thanks to Google for building a beautiful operating system like Android for smart phones and for the Gmail app for mobile.

So then I was happy with smart phones and instant emails.

Next, coming to my blog, thanks to  Google yet again for providing us with a beautiful platform like blogger to let me log and share my thoughts with the external world. Blogger not only provided a way to open up thoughts, but as well earn few pennies if interested by adding the Ad sense  tool (from Google ) to the blog. I am already amazed with such commendable tools from Google.

Couple of days back I saw a small icon labeled "Save to my drive" in one of the email attachments.  Out of curiosity I clicked that and wanted to see how different it is from "Download" option.  I was then followed to the Google Drive. Oh my!

Though I had used Google drive in the past for sharing some documents with my friends and collaborate virtually, I never stacked any items onto the drive or never realized its importance. I, also had read few articles in the magazines that Google drive could be a best option for us to have a backup of our data.

But unknowingly, I ignored all that I read, until one day, when I wanted to share and get few songs/mp3 files from my cousin staying in a different city.  I was annoyed to surf for few old classic songs on the web and do a individual download of songs click by click. When I knew my cousin had those songs about 3GB or more I was thinking how could I get them and also how I could not lose this collection in future.

Yep, what better than Google drive?  I installed Google drive on my desktop and shared few folders on the drive with my cousin virtually. He was then able to upload the songs into my  Google Drive and I was able to sync them automatically without any clicks…I was in awe!!

In short Google Drive had become my  File Repository System. During my work, I had worked with several File managements systems that helped in storing the files, updating and syncing the same to the local machine when needed.  Even if the developer's hard disk crashed he or she did not have to worry as there was a backup of these files in the File management systems.

Little did I know then, that in the next few days I was also going to have such kind of repository for managing my personal files.

It is nice to see that Google is offering 15GB of free space for now. It should be enough for personal use I guess, but about the security I guess it is always vulnerable :(, no matter how secure we are.

My admiration s do not end here. 

I am sure there are lot many users who are well aware of Google drive's benefits and actively use it. It might sound funny if I quote the following as a coincidence.

Just last week I was busy populating my drive with mp3s and  today I stumble on another article in the newspaper on drive tunes - a player for the songs stored in Google drive.

No matter where we are if we have just a internet connection and  have good list of songs in the drive, we should be able to listen to them simply by logging into

Either I am early or very late in knowing these advancements in the field of  Information Technology.

During my college days, 10 years back, I saw only one face of Google i.e the Giant Search Engine, but today Gmail, Picasa, Blogger, Google  Ad sense, Google maps, Google +, Google drive and the list goes on.

What more next?? I am still wondering!!

But for now, my heartfelt thanks and kudos to Google and Teams for developing and providing  us with such commendable services and tools.

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