Friday, January 10, 2014

Winter Giggle or Highness of the winter…

I do not know whether to title this post a Winter Giggle or the Highness of the winter JJ. ..guess below incident might unravel the dilemma behind...

Going by the routine, I was at balcony drying my clothes when I caught on a chat with my neighbor staying at the ground floor. She was feeding her kid at the same time enjoying some lucky sunlight for the day. There were many clothes dried on a rope at the house beside this neighbor. The two neighbors at the ground floor shared a common wall.

The neighbor with whom I was on a chat criticized to me saying that the clothes at her neighborhood have been lying on the rope for past 2 weeks and she does not know if they are out of station. She even expressed her thought to collect the clothes, fold them and keep inside as unnecessarily they were getting wet owing to the dense fog in the evenings. But she could not get into their house to do so.
I nodded hmm and said what can you do…leave it. Suddenly we saw a maid coming out of the next door neighbor’s house.  When the lady I was chatting with got excited and asked the maid to call her owner ie the lady of the next door house.

Within few minutes the next door lady came out all covered with sweater, scarf  and  smiled. She asked the reason why was she called for. So innocently then the lady at my ground floor told, oh my God, where have you been? The clothes are on the rope for a long time?? I thought you were out of station and even thought of collecting them and keep inside. But I could not.
Embarrassed the next door lady, giggled and said, oh that’s very sweet of you, thanks. But e have not gone anywhere and just stayed indoors as it was very cold outside. Also the clothes were still wet.
Might be the next door lady was too lazy, that she kept postponing the task of taking away the dried clothes every other day…

I imagined then, and smiled within.

What would have happened if this ground floor lady had collected all the clothes and kept inside her house, thinking her neighbor is out of station, Poor lady at the next door would have got shocked to see her clothes disappeared.

Also even if we miss out on our routine work feeling lazy at winters, we might have to face being in an embarrassed situation as been the lady next door….

I also remembered the headlines of the newspaper at that time…that US was shivering with -52 degrees and thought to myself may be this is intensity of winter at my place that we are not even aware if our neighbors are at home or not as the cold winter winds keeps everyone entwined inside the house!

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