Friday, September 28, 2012

Pride of Joy

Title comes first inline  with thoughts running in my mind then it strikes for me to write up a blog post on the same. So has been with this "Pride of Joy".

After a night out the day before since morning I had been just sleeping whole morning. With no escape from the routine , I had to wake up amidst my sleepy mood and cook something for lunch. It was easy for me to  get started quickly after a nice shower.

However I was running behind schedule and when my husband woke up well before time, I felt oh god…late again preparing lunch :( ..

While fidgeting around so around in the kitchen, managing to set the dining table for lunch late afternoon, I heard my door bell ring…I did not rush or even bother to check who it was, as my husband was very much at the hall. Though I did not go to open or check who is at the door, my mind started guessing, could it be the post sent by my friend?? Ok no issues, I am not going to jump around….for now first I need to serve lunch to my husband….friends next…

Next couple of minutes my husband was at the kitchen handing me over the courier that I expected right…Not showing much interest for my friend's courier, I just kept it aside and went to serve lunch to my husband..what to do ? I have become a complete housewife and what may husband next…

Since I was hungry too I too joined my husband for lunch. Nevertheless at the background, my mind was curious to see as to which book my friend has couriered and when I could get to open it. Controlling my excitement in front of my husband I quietly had my lunch, however not delaying any longer, I immediately went to open the parcel as soon as I and husband finished our lunch. Normally I clean the table dishes immediately after lunch and then turn around to other tasks/interests.

However this time I went to unwrap the surprise first. Several thoughts while unwrapping the book…Could it be a book written by my friend self? Ah no..I see a Flipkart cover. Hmm seems some book from flipkart..What would it be ? Soon I found this book "I Dare" by Dr.Kiran Bedi…Both myself and my husband were surprised.

Why this friend of mine has gifted me the same book yet again…The real surprise was inside a piece of paper  displayed below…

When I read that he had couriered me a signed copy of the book and when I saw the signature addressed "to akshatha"… day was just made over!!

Sure such signed copy of book is priceless, but more than that I was happy to gain such priceless joy of affection from my friend

I just thought what sort of affection this friend has shown for me…True, we were great colleagues at work, exchanged healthy thoughts etc…
However when I think of the fact that 8 months since I moved away from work, shifted completely to a new place, if some friend of mine could think of me…and get me a surprise like this…what more pride of joy could I feel?

If I had met any great icon, I don't think I would have thought about any others….but when I think of this friend, who has spent couple of mins remembering me, getting me something priceless I feel sooooooo proud to have such great friends in my life!!

Sunil, the great pal…the reason behind my pride of joy today, did say he would post me few books of good content in future…he also used to appreciate few qualities of mine he  admired that would indirectly motivate me develop more daring qualities…however today I could feel Sunil lives by his words and definitely made me feel the pride of joy… not because he has gifted me books, but for still motivating me, encouraging me indirectly.

I must admit, I am not a good reader, however since Sunil has shared some good books with me, I started reading little more than before :)

I am so proud of having such friends and thankful for whatever joy shared with me…. For a minute I felt forget about people who don't care about you…it's very truly said we must never compel somebody to be in our life….quotes are easily made and said but difficult to live by and today  after feeling the pride of joy, I am so thankful to Sunil, for he made me really feel very special…Gone were the days when I used to do for my friends…and today when I see my friends doing some thing for me I feel so special, I feel so proud for deserving such joy from a friend….

I felt content and proud for being surrounded by joy!! For the first time my emotions became numb and I calmly grabbed my phone to ring and express my thanks!!

Pride of Joy, not everybody realizes such moment, I am lucky and Thank you so much Sunil…you made my day!!

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