Sunday, November 15, 2009

Living every moment of life - Don't let it stay frozen

I start to unfold the fun I had this evening when rightly at the background the song from my newly purchased CD of "MAdonna Celebration" goes like this

You only see what your eyes want to see

How can life be what you want it to be

You're frozenWhen your heart's not open
You're so consumed with how much you get

You waste your time with hate and regret

You're broken

When your heart's not open

Not sure if this song matches pefectly that I am trying to put down here but for sure I felt there is a analogy on living the life.... Often during different phases of life we tend to least I stumbled on this feeling when my heart started feeling doomed when one of my closest pals started moving bit far away from me... Days, times were not the same now...when I used to hang around joyously with my pal in the past without getting into clutches of my other friends nor relatives and so on....however this weekend brought with a great realization for self... As well portrayed in the song's we who master the life...unless we are open nothing beautiful comes to was I who was doomed for a day thinking about the times I spent with my pal in the past....Doing so Life was not what I wanted yesterday... and yes when I wasted my time in hate and regret I did lose my precious day as my heart was completely broken...
But today...the evening was packed with great surprise....just when I room mate dropped into my room with a hot piece of Vada with so much affection, the taste of it played a magic on me.....

it was the first time my comrade was trying hands in cooking but it was really successful...and with so much excitement I was all in praise for her...when my neighbor who just dropped in to borrow a mixer also joined in my praise excitement so much for a while that in few mins my neighbor was called in by her husband...for she burt the mutton gravy in the excitment blind folded my neighbor who forgot about the gravy cooking in the gas.....nothing at all....Everyone in the house was so much consumed in the excitement I showered we all were giggling for an hour...when it was nice to hear from a elderly lady to see how much happiness we were spreading my living every moment of life.... In the sense being so happy enjoying and spreading happiness across our neighbors also gives some kinda relief feeling to the elder lady who stays far away and ocassionally visits her daughter's family....
Point...if I was not open....never I would have been able to praise my room mate.... if I was not open in sharing the thoughts with my nieghbors......never we would have a had a giggling evening....never my room mate would have realized the moment of fame for her delicious vadas.....The fame about her vada cooking crossed the borders reached the ears of my family and friends.....when I heard them saying wish I was there or I could join you guys ;-) ... Not sure what was mixed in the vada...but it did delight all of us and after a long long gloomed mind blossomed and plunged out in giving a western classical performance for my neighbors.... Life is our...we live it our own let your hearts open, let the eyes see beautiful moments and don't let your life stay frozen even for a moment ...
Simple eat my room mate's Parupu Vada and you can live every moment of life as this crazy lazy mind did...



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