Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Thank you Google!!

Here after 2 years, hope to really set my thoughts free before my son wakes up.

So what happened, that I am finally pulled back to writing today! It's all google magic.

It's been quite sometime now, that I have been seeing ads by Google regularly,  regarding google app getting answers for anything that you want easily. I just used to smile and move on.

This morning I called up a hospital to enquire about booking an appointment with a renowned surgeon.

Started with Google, got the hospital number from the search engine.The phone number was right. Wow!! and the answering machine answered me kindly wait you are in a queue...Ok!! are at number 11...number 8....I think wow!! I am knowing the queue position too..what a progress in technology....super....number 7....number5....past 6 mins...i am still in queue...but not bad.....number 4, then number 3...number2....time elapsed 8 mins......good I shall not hang turm is mine....and yes number 1, finally I here the telerep can I help you mam...

upon hearing my request, my call is transferred to the relevant appointment...I get to talk to another apt rep now....Ok cool.

I request, mam may I know the procedure to book an appointment or see the surgeon at the OPD. Oh!! I hear from the rep and she says, appointment is possible only through the website say thanks, hang up the call.

To my dismay I see the website is wrong...and now again wait in the queue ??? No way!!

Google the hospital website again try to book for appointment directly! no luck! Still not bad get to chat online with another representative. Cool!! Better than waiting in the tele queue.

Hello Sir...yet again restart with my enquiry....get a decent reply from the may i help

Guess what, after all,  I again land up with the hospital phone number but no real solution to my enquiry. I argue with the rep, saying I have already contacted them, but did not get my answer and I hear again.  Sorry mam, you have to contact the secretary, no other go.

Dismayed!! I leave a poor rating to the chat and carry on with my other routine chores. ok!! what now, shall try my luck calling again in yet another free time.

It's post lunch time now. Ok what call again, the matter is urgent? no let's try with Google once.

I search for the Doctor's details and to my surprise I land up with the very right information, I was seeking for.  Without any hassles I book my appointment in no time. Thank you google.   I could now call up my dependent uncle,aunt and plan my stay, visits etc.

It was the same Google who helped me with dr's contact number couple of weeks ago, when there was an emergency at home. That day I forgot to thank you but today I feel much much much obliged to You - google!!!

In my view Google owes the salary of both online rep and the tele rep.

With technology like google,  I feel if the tele rep or online rep could go on a  mile extra and help with the exact/right information they would do justice to their job rather than blindly answering like programmed machines.

The telerep did give me some info but not the exact/right website address.

For the tele rep who gave me the incomplete website address, it was just another call, but it did waste lots of my precious time and energy. Which rep does ever bother or think so much about a needed caller!!

But Google you Rock for sure and you made my day with  your magic!!

 Thanks soooooooooo much!!

My little boy is still asleep!! Thanks to my friend for motivating me to get active and pen down my thoughts when possible.

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