Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 Simple Ways To Get Started With Supporting Inclusion

Fed up seeing status updates about inclusion on my Facebook wall? Or did it really impact you and invoke you to think about Inclusive India? At least the Facebook updates on India Inclusion Summit page instilled me think about inclusion.

If you too are impacted by India Inclusion Summit impel on Inclusive India and wish to join hands in creating Inclusive India, here are 5 simple ways for you to get started with supporting inclusion

1.       Understand the need for Inclusion

Without understanding the root causes of any problem it is difficult to find a good solution to fix it. Therefore before diving into Inclusive India campaign or blindly raising hands to support inclusion, take some time out and start thinking about what is inclusion, why is there a need for inclusion?

No doubt, Google is the best place to start your research. However there are few blog posts at India Inclusion Summit website that could help you gain a good understanding on the what, why and the need for Inclusion

2.       Change your attitude towards people with disabilities

Often we tend to look at physically challenged people or people with any disability with sympathy. This is because we feel they are handicapped and cannot do many tasks the same way as the normal people do.

But have we ever looked at the struggle, determination and spirit hidden within? I am sure many of us might not have, as we are used to considering them weak and unfortunate.

It is time we change this attitude.

God has created them different not to gain sympathy, rather to think different and act different. That does not mean they are weak and less successful. Somehow all these days we have been ignorant with their talents and capabilities. Given with equal opportunities, the differently abled are no less in competing with the normally abled person.

Read the book “Gifted” or watch the inspirational videos at India Inclusion Summit youtube.

Change your attitude towards people with disabilities. Start respecting and accepting people with disabilities regardless of their differences.

3.       Spread awareness on inclusion

Being a normal person I never thought about the difficulties, ignorance faced by people with disabilities. If not India Inclusion Summit I would not have even known about inspirational stories, struggles of the differently abled people.

Therefore talk, discuss, and share about the differently abled with your friends, relatives, cousins, neighbors whenever possible. This will then inculcate them to think, drive and join the journey of IIS towards creating Inclusive India.

4.       Identify any inclusive need

Visit the schools, centers for the people with disabilities in your locality and check out the problems faced by them in supporting the special people with different abilities there.

Did you know, many such schools, centers lack good infrastructure, teachers, doctors, physiotherapists, scribes?

Look for problems faced by people with disabilities in public areas like bus stops, bus stands, ATMs, Parks, Hospitals. For an instance a physically challenged kid might face harassment when playing in the park beside a normal kid or a physically handicapped person might find it difficult to walk down to a counter at the bank, hospital, shop or even an ATM.

Only when we identify, spot the places where we lack inclusion, can we work towards filling the inclusive needs and creating inclusive society.

5.       Join India Inclusion Summit (IIS)

Join the India Inclusion Summit community to stay updated on inspiring stories of the differently abled, support inclusive causes and drive inclusion at large. 

Bring the inclusive needs to IIS table and drive IIS causes supporting projects for people with disabilities.

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