Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Strangers in the night

Crazy mind is getting crazier day by day listening to some pleasant music very much these days. One song that sweeps away this mind is the song “strangers in the night” by Frank Sinatra.

A week before I stumbled on this song while on a wonderful drive with one of my friends into the beautiful city of Manheim. It was about 7.00 p.m in the evening the car moving slowly into the streets and myself enjoying th beauty of city with marvelous building amongst the night lights, when I heard this song….”Strangers in the night”…Just the starting music itself swept away my soul for a minute..But that was just momentary…as I was enjoying the beauty of silent city…Never knew at that point in time that I could enjoy the song even better….

Today around same time but in different Garden city while I was walking tired on the roads back home..my eyes caught a glimpse on a white beauty….yes yet again my heart swept away for a second when I could hear the song at the background in my mind with the white moon in front of my eyes…

I quickly walked home and told my roommate that I need to quickly have dinner and enjoy the song with the moon light ;-)…

As always whenever you plan to do something early you always get late due to some unexpected interruptions…same was the case with me and when I came out late moon went behind the clouds and my mind went L

Not bad though..after an hour luckily I walked out of my room while talking to my cousin on phone..the white beauty welcomed me once again with a shining smile..and yes it was finally the time for me to enjoy a song to the fullest…

I quickly complete my telecal and was carried away by the white beauty…So how did my soul enjoy…Wonderful when I just think of it and here it goes….

With checked grills in my gallery, white beauty smiling through the squared grills… silence at night, my MP3 into my ears the song smoothly rolling down “Strangers in the night….” and then slowly thinking of a ballet dancing with my legs starting to move around…wow simply amazing……

Couple of minute’s passes by with few more verses and then soon you feel the white beauty dancing with you…wow…just wonderful…. This crazy mind was enjoying it like anything…..

Played the song again and again…danced with the white beauty and just wondered how to the fullest you could pair pleasant music with nature and enjoy to the fullest….

Really a wonderful evening with wonderful song under wonderful moon light for a pleasant relaxation of the mind that’s gets exhausted over a day’s routine work ;-) !!

Strangers in the night..yes 2 lonely people..we were strangers in the night..yes it's me and the white beauty...exchanging glances..wondering in the night...

Something in your eyes was so inviting,
Something in you smile was so exciting,
Something in my heart,
Told me I must enjoy the moonlight along with the crazy mind dancing around...

woh....I could just feel the song and relax...which quickly dragged me to capture the amusement here after really long long time ;-)

Awesome song..awesome lyrics..awesome moon light..awesome fun!!



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