Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Incident where I could see a piece of humanity

I was just moved by a small incident that happened today when I was coming to office. It may not sound very great but somehow I could see a piece of Humanity in that act and was just astounded to still see people being so kind to strangers.

I woke up late and had to miss my office cab. Luckily got a direct bus and was thankful to almighty thinking I will not be so late. But the terrible bangalore did not smile at me ;-( .... my travel took longer than usual... I got a seat in the bus and I was somehow trying to enjoy my time on the way. With nice melodies I was just passing over the pages of the book "How Opal Mehta got kissed, got wild and got a life". My speed was good and I was taking pleasure of the commedy scenes portrayed beautifully in the book. In between was just looking around the people getting in and out of the bus. There was a lady sitting next to me. Suddenly I heard a sound and noticed that a lady in a hurry to get into the bus dropped her tiffin box and all the food spilled out in the bus. I felt sad for that lady. She got embarrassed and was trying to clean up the bus. To my astonishment the conductor of the bus did not scold her. And the lady was busy cleaning.

The lady who sat next to her was kind enough to hold her bag patiently and help until she cleaned the bus. I was just staring at the lady.... she cleaned up the floor of the bus and was trying to clean the box with the polythene cover she had. I was just thinking how she would manage to take the sticky box and what she would have for her lunch or ?? Meanwhile the benign lady next to me just handed over a big over and asked me to hand over it to the other lady. And I was shocked to see that..and happily handed over the poly bag when I could see a big smile crossing over the other lady's face who had dropped the food. She immediately said thanks to me and I directed it to the kind lady and do not why but I was very happy. I could just read from the smile of that helpful it was for her and thought for a while why it did not strike me to help her with a small poly bag that I had in my bag.......

However it was very surprising for me to see such kind people having patience to help strangers amidst the peak hour...... As against other days where I have seen people shouting amongst them in the crowded bus..this was very something nice and new......

I feel so good sharing this incident here and I can induce or spread a thought about humanity via this post I would feel very good! Bye for today!



Gautam Pai said...

Lucky you.

It doesn't happen too often in bangalore

vinaya said...

that must have been an unusual experience..very rare to see in these days:)