Thursday, March 5, 2009

Papa with his EVER little daughter!!

Just when I saw my last posted date I realized that the new-year came and has already completed 2 months. Time is so swift. Every year comes and just flies off like anything drifting us through various phases of life. Now why am I worried about this or why is that I am talking about time and age? If I look at my age I really wonder in awe and think oh my god I have grown so old. With the daily hasty routine schedule, and the growing responsibilities we always feel our childhood days were the best and we think we are no more happy naive kids. We feel sad for losing our childhood with the hasty time. But I can assure that you can always feel the same experience despite your age only within the eyes of your old parents. It is true that as the parents grow older they enter into the stage of second childhood and that the grown offspring are supposed to care for them, but it is an undeniable fact at least with my experience that despite the old age, for parents kids are always kids with every year, no matter how many years.

I was overwhelmed with one such appealing emotion that made me to sit and share my wonderful emotions here that I noticed in the deeds of my dad. Hence followed my title of this post Papa with his EVER little daughter, yep…for my dad I am still a small daughter. Today although I have reached the stage of earning and taking care of my parents, still he is not tired to retire from his responsibilities and let me do my obligations.

During my childhood, I always had enjoyed only ground transports, but never got a chance to fly by airplanes.
Recently when I got a chance to fly with my dad to a different city, although it was my duty to get the luggage checked in and get the boarding passes, I just saw my dad, wearing his spectacles, verifying the boarding passes, requesting the air hostess to issue a seat close to the window, so that his daughter could enjoy the beautiful sceneries while flying in the sky.

May be I would have felt a bit embarrassed and hesitated to request for a window seat for my dad. And then after landing, I was supposed to be picked up my by friend early morning, and my dad would leave for his official training in the city. It was time for my dad’s training and due to heavy traffic, my friend was unable to turn up, I told my dad, you attend the training and that I would leave safe with my friend on her arrival. As we were new to the city, even I was so old, my dad was still worried about my safety and did not let me wait alone in the strange place. Past an hour, I started feeling guilty for my dad was missing the initial hours of training, out of my compulsion we decided to wait at my dad’s training place.

Even for another hour my friend could not come, and I do not have the counts or the frequency of how many times my dad came out of his session to see if his daughter was alright, if she was hungry, thirsty and feeling lonely until her friend picked her. I was just astonished for his care and love. I am not sure if I would have behaved the same way if I was in place of my dad.

Next during my frequent home visits, I just cannot forget how promptly he comes in the early morning to pick me from the bus stop. The mail he writes every day to me enquiring about my work, life, warning me about the threats happening in the city and asking me to live safe…I can just go on….

Same way, just one sneeze/cough over a phone call, even a bit of change in my voice bothers him very much…Immediately he asks , if I visited a doctor, if I took medicine, which always takes me back to my childhood.

The warmth of that love is impeccable and I feel so lucky for realizing it and sharing it here. I am so thankful to God for blessing me with such wonderful parents. It’s cited commonly that, daughter’s are always the pets of Dad and in my case that’s factual.

Although I am so much grown-up up for having a maturity to let my thoughts flow like this I am sure, if my dad reads this, at the end he would just smile and say “Poor little Girl, what does she know??” ;-) that’s how it goes ever and ever…Papa with his EVER little daughter..

At the end I would conclude with a small note of gratitude to my mom as well who shares the equal praise as that of my dad and for still letting me drown under the waves of love!

Everyday is so wonderful with such feelings! Words not enough to let them flow down!!


KaNa said...

Excellent :-)

Anonymous said...

very nicely written...
feeling homesick now...

Anonymous said...

Tooooo good!

Parents love putforth in a perfect way!!

SS ;)