Monday, September 1, 2008

Toss the Feathers

Quite some time back I got to glimpse at a video song on one of my cousin’s PC. The song titled “Toss the feathers”. The video was just an instrumental music being played by 3 beautiful young ladies. One with a flute, second one playing a simple drum and another violin. The video lasted for a span of 3 minutes but within that short time the ladies played a soothing music so beautifully, that I felt as if some beautiful feathers were flying around me. I was amazed looking at the skills of young beauties.

Additionally recently when I was loading my iPod with some old songs for my dad to listen I heard a song that was hovering over the theme of living the life like a free bird.

It was few of those lines from that song and this video that flashed in my mind as perfect analogies for today’s power of Women.

The song goes like this

“Live like a bird flying freely high in the Sky

Dance like the beautiful tidal waves in the Ocean

Speak out all your rights enjoy your freedom”

Education has proven as such a splendid gift for us that Women of today are making their headways in all domains. No more women are bound within the 4 walls as in olden days.

Couples of lines further made me feel how well the women keep up their duties.

“Wind that keeps gusting around us, like the Sea water never boils even after being under the heat of Sun, like the time that never flies away from us, like the feeling of love that is unforgettable”

So are the professional women today, although they go out for work in the morning/night they never forgot to be a good mother, wife, sister and perform all the work back home.

Women of today are prepared for taking up any challenge be it in personal life or public life.. To tell a very recent instance it is totally a women crew that took an aircraft on 28th July from Chennai to Singapore


“Mother plays a major role in the origin of a new life,

The syllables and languages form the main parts of speech

Hunger is something that is inseparable from day to day life”

So is the significance of Women in all aspects of life.

It was a time that women had to depend on men for each and every one of their needs. But times have changed by. We see women have stepped in every walk of life right from ploughing to managing a space craft as a cosmonaut. Singapore. Women having come out of all the social hindrances are flying in beautiful colors to play the role of a Mother to a President

They have proved themselves successful professionals in all walks of life.

Women have progressed in all ways and as clipped in the video song they can be tossed in any province as beautiful feathers!

Yes! It is definitely the right time to celebrate the flight of the free birds!




Chaggoholic.... said...

Its sometimes nice to hear some old tracks and feel free.In ur case u even felt grt about the whole women upliftment part of things.Awesome....

Anonymous said...

Toss the Feather -- Heads.

For me "Toss the feathers" looked more a performance than women liberation !!

Yes the Ambiance was cool and obvious to see the man on chords enjoying the pivotal role --
as he was surrounded by young Luscious ladies near by !!

As always